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Open a Real Estate Business in Luxembourg

Updated on Thursday 08th February 2018

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open-a-real-estate-business-in-luxembourg.jpgThe real estate sector in Luxembourg is attractive for foreign investors willing to enlarge their operations in a stable business environment. Opening a real estate business in Luxembourg may represent a key to success as this field is in a continuous expansion and has low financial risks. If you are a foreign investor who wants to open a company in the real estate market in Luxembourg, we suggest you ask for assistance and information about the company formation procedure. In this matter, our company formation agents in Luxembourg can offer support.

How you can set up a company in the real estate sector in Luxembourg

Individuals have several options at disposal when deciding on company formation in the real estate sector in Luxembourg. The activities in this field can operate through limited liability companies, a partnership by shares or through a public limited company in Luxembourg. Either way, it is recommended to bear in mind the requirements in this sense and to consider the favorable tax regime that suits most for your future activities in Luxembourg.

The activities of a real estate company in Luxembourg

When establishing the business form, the entrepreneur must decide on the type of activities he or she wants to implement in the real estate market. For instance, such company can deal with property acquisitions, property sales, rental matters or can develop and rent assets through the real estate company. Moreover, foreign investors can direct their attention to the real estate private equity firms in Luxembourg and invest in the real estate field with the idea of leasing the properties directly. Also, there are numerous developers who are interested in setting up a SOPARFI Financial Holding Company, a standard commercial entity in Luxembourg which is governed by the common law and which is used for its excellent tax regime when it comes for investments in the real estate sector.
The registration of a company in Luxembourg has been simplified in the recent years, thanks to the efforts made by the government which focused on attracting private and foreign investors.
More information about how you can set up your business in the real estate sector in Luxembourg and the related conditions can be obtained from our team of company incorporation specialists in Luxembourg, if you contact us.

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