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Open a Merchant Account in Luxembourg

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Open-a-Merchant-Account-in-Luxembourg.jpgThe merchant account in Luxembourg is necessary for the payment procedure and it must be established by online businesses operating in this country. At the same time, investors interested in opening a company in Luxembourg as a traditional business can also set up a merchant account, as a manner through which the respective business may increase the value of its commercial transactions. The advantages of the merchant account in Luxembourg refers to the fact that it can accept both credit and debit cards, provided by numerous local and international banks. Our team of company formation representatives in Luxembourg can offer assistance on the registration procedure. 

Types of merchant accounts in Luxembourg  

The procedure of company formation in Luxembourg for online companies will require a merchant account, as payments can be easily performed through this options. 
Luxembourg accepts a wide range of merchant accounts, such as:
internet merchant accounts;
retail merchant accounts;
smart phone credit card processing;
phone merchant accounts;
mail merchant accounts;
wireless merchant accounts;
high risk merchant accounts
A Swiss merchant account will be set up between three main entities: 
the commercial legal entity
the service provider; 
a local bank in Luxembourg
Our team of company formation agents in Luxembourg may assist investors with the main requirements established when setting up this type of account. 

Merchant account: important aspects

Most of the companies requiring a merchant account will need to conclude a contract with the service provider for a period of two-three years. However, if the applicant may consider that the merchant account is no longer useful, he or she can require a cancellation, which will also incur the payment of a small cancellation fee. 
Investors interested in company registration in Luxembourg as an online business should first verify if their website (especially the online shopping cart) is compatible with the payment gateway used by the service provider. 
Businessmen can address to our team of company formation consultants in Luxembourg for more details on the characteristics of a merchant account

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