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Open an Amazon Store in Luxembourg

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Open-an-Amazon-Store-in-Luxembourg.jpgEven if it is a small country in Europe, Luxembourg is a well-known business center and a preferred destination for foreign investments. With numerous opportunities, incentives and governmental programs, many investors from abroad and also nationals have placed their businesses via the internet. For those who have shops, the next step, for future considerable profits, is to set up an Amazon store, which can be a suitable option for companies registered in Luxembourg. For opening an Amazon store in Luxembourg, you should first of all have or register a limited liability company, one of the most reliable and trustful forms of business in the state. In this matter, our company formation agents in Luxembourg can offer support and assistance for individuals interested in doing business in this country.

Information about Amazon

Amazon is a giant online shop where nearly everyone can buy or sell products. With profits of about 316$ billion, and around 300 registered account sellers in 2016, Amazon is considered the key to success on the internet in the last decade. The well-developed platform allows companies to manage their goods and services for selling purposes. Both clients and entrepreneurs are welcomed on Amazon, the largest and well-known online shop. Considering that about 80% internet users in Luxembourg prefer online shopping, businessmen can focus their attention on setting up an Amazon store and start selling products and services.

Conditions for opening an Amazon store in Luxembourg

The main requirement for opening an Amazon store in Luxembourg is to register a limited liability company or any other kind of business form that suits your needs. An LLC in Luxembourg is one of the most popular types of company which can be easily set up by at least two shareholders without having to worry about bureaucracy. For EUR 12,400, which represents the minimum share capital for an LLC in Luxembourg or the SARL as it is known in the country, an entrepreneur can continue in registering the business. The entire company incorporation process in Luxembourg is done once the entrepreneur applied for tax purposes. Our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg are at your disposal with assistance and advice on request.

Payment methods for your Amazon store in Luxembourg

Once the LLC has been incorporated in Luxembourg, you can consider opening the Amazon store and set up a business account. An Amazon store must offer several payment methods for customers, but the most important ones are PayPal and the merchant account which are widely used. A PayPal account is linked to the business bank account of the company with the established currency.
Your products displayed on Amazon are seen in countries worldwide, but the clients have the possibility of paying in their own currency in most cases. The same is available for a merchant account which can be set up for your Amazon shop in Luxembourg. Having a merchant account will allow customers to pay for the chosen products with the help of a credit or debit card. The amount of money is paid into the account mentioned on the platform. Having these two main payment methods settled for your Amazon store allows you to start the business and sell products.

Why you should open an Amazon store in Luxembourg

Without a doubt, Luxembourg is an attractive business market for many entrepreneurs who want to generate profits on a stable and appreciated market. In addition to your already established company in Luxembourg or as part of new business projects, you can choose to submit your services and products on Amazon, the most confident online shop developed on an international plan. Furthermore, recently, Amazon launched the Prime Services which involve next-day delivery for people in Luxembourg with products stored in Germany. Your business can also offer such services to clients for a particular fee as mentioned in the terms and conditions. Another reason why you should open an Amazon shop in Luxembourg is the great taxation system which comes with numerous benefits for young or experienced entrepreneurs.
If you plan to expand your business on Amazon or if you want to register a company in Luxembourg, we suggest you to get in touch with our team of representatives in company formation in Luxembourg.

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