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Relocate your UK Company to Luxembourg after Brexit

Updated on Monday 25th January 2021

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Relocate your UK Company to Luxembourg after Brexit.jpgWould you like to relocate your UK company to Luxembourg after Brexit? You are invited to discuss with our company formation agents in Luxembourg and find out the rules you need to observe prior to this step. There are specific formalities to consider and to respect, so help is recommended from the beginning.

What business rules changed after Brexit?

The main question related to business refers to the rules after UK decided to exit the European Union. The company relocation is important to entrepreneurs who want to generate profits in other countries too. Business owners in UK should observe the following aspects when relocating to Luxembourg:
  1. De-registering the business from UK is the first step in relocation to Luxembourg. A series of documents must be prepared in time, including a declaration stating the relocations.
  2. UK companies in Luxembourg will not be affected by tax changes for trading goods throughout the EU countries. Specific legislation stipulates this aspect.
  3. It is important to pay attention to the general rules for company registration in Luxembourg. The first step is to choose the business structure.
  4. If you have a British company dealing with trading activities, some labeling changes might be imposed.
  5. The tax registration for a company in Luxembourg is required. One of our specialists in taxation can tell you more.
Luxembourg is a highly appreciated financial hub at an international level, so the need of signing double taxation treaties was necessary. Local and foreign entrepreneurs in Luxembourg are protected against fiscal evasion and more. You can discuss the company relocation process from UK to Luxembourg with one of our company formation specialists in Luxembourg.

Company registration in Luxembourg

In most cases, SARL company or the limited liability company will be a great choice for foreign entrepreneurs in Luxembourg including for those from UK. The minimum share capital for a SARL in Luxembourg is set at EUR 12,500 deposited in a local bank account. Such a business structure must have at least 2 owners, but it cannot exceed 40 shareholders. The Articles of Association are the company's main documents and must comprise comprehensive information about the owners, the activities, business address, general internal rules, voting rights, and more. Such documents can be drafted by our specialists in company formation who can also represent your UK firm in Luxembourg after relocation. Once the British company is incorporated in Luxembourg, tax and social contribution registration are required. In matters of accounting, you can talk to our experts and solicit dedicated services for your UK firm relocated to Luxembourg. It is quite recommended to have support from the beginning and to rely on a professional team with experience in this field.

Is company relocation to Luxembourg expensive?

The costs for company relocation from UK to Luxembourg depend on a series of aspects:
  • The type and size of the company.
  • Relocation of assets.
  • Preparation of documents.
  • De-registration.
  • Registration in Luxembourg.
We mention that relocating a UK company to Luxembourg can happen without restrictions after Brexit, but it is suggested to pay attention to the local and international regulations involved. Instead of dealing on your own with the UK company relocation to Luxembourg you can talk to our specialists in company formation and find out all the formalities.

Making investments in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is open to business in any field and helps entrepreneurs from abroad enjoy the benefits and develop the operations at a fast pace. The legislation related to foreign investments in Luxembourg simplifies the business rules from the start, allowing investors generate profits in the chosen sector. The business advantages are great in Luxembourg, especially if you want to hire experienced staff in the country, establish business connections worldwide and enjoy the governmental incentives. Here are some interesting facts and figures that highlight the economy and business in Luxembourg:
  1. In matters of total FDI stock, Luxembourg registered nearly USD 128.4 billion in 2019.
  2. The greenfield investments sector is appreciated in Luxembourg, the country registering about USD 446 million.
  3. The ease of doing business ranks Luxembourg 72nd out of 190 economies in the world, according to the World Bank.
  4. Bermuda directed around 13.5% of the total FDI stock in Luxembourg in 2019.
Interested in relocating a UK company to Luxembourg after Brexit? You are invited to get in touch with our company formation specialists in Luxembourg and ask for assistance.

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