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Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Relocate to LuxembourgA company incorporated and registered within a specific region may consider appropriate to relocate to Luxembourg for a number of reasons. Among others, these may include: foreign investors are attracted by the country's stable economy, the multilingual workforce available on the market and the advantageous taxation system. Our experts in company formation in Luxembourg can give you extensive information about the process of company relocation.

How to relocate a company to Luxembourg

Relocating a company to Luxembourg has to comply with the requirements of the Company Act and is done in a few steps. These include the following:

• Gathering all required documents regarding the ownership of the company;
•  The approval of company relocation to Luxembourg – this decision is taken by the company`s shareholders or the board of directors, in accordance with the articles of association;
•   Selection of the form of body corporate that the company will have in Luxembourg. Several types of Luxembourg companies are available under the provisions of business legislation;
•  Appointing a registered office, a seat of central administration and opening a bank account for the financial transactions of the company;
•   Confirming the net asset value of the company which has to comply with the minimum capital for opening a company in Luxembourg;
•   Notarizing the company documents of incorporation/relocation.

Our agents in company formation in Luxembourg can assist you with the entire process of company relocation.

Things to consider after company relocation to Luxembourg

Before doing business in Luxembourg, a recently relocated company has to take several technical steps. These are as follows:

•    The company management has to approve the relocation, adopt the corporate form and constitute the company documents;
•   A board of directors and auditors has to be appointed by the company owners;
•    Register the company with the Luxembourg Company Register;
•    Deregister the company in the country of origin;
•   Hold a first meeting of the board of directors in Luxembourg and decide on internal management matters.

When deciding on relocating a company to Luxembourg, issues related to special permits and licenses needed for lawfully doing business in this country also need to be taken into consideration. Feel free to contact our Luxembourg company registration specialists if you need professional advice on how to relocate a company in this country.  

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