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Articles of Association of a Company in Luxembourg

Updated on Friday 27th January 2023

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Articles-of-Association-of-a-Company-in-Luxembourg.pngAll companies registered in Luxembourg require statutory documents, which are generally represented by the articles of association and the memorandum. This is a compulsory measure which has to be taken by all investors opening a company in Luxembourg, regardless if they are local or foreign citizens. The regulations related to the procedures through which such documents are set up differ in accordance with the legal entity of the future company. Our team of company formation representatives in Luxembourg can provide legal assistance when drawing the articles of association


Articles of association for commercial companies in Luxembourg  

As a general rule, the statutory documents of the company must be drawn in front of a public notary in Luxembourg. In the case of the limited liability companies, the legal requirements prescribe that the articles of association must be signed in front of the notary, while in the case of an unlimited company, the investors can also set up the articles of association as a private deed. Our team of company formation agents in Luxembourg can provide further details on such documents. 
Those who want to start the procedure of company formation in Luxembourg should know that the articles of association can be written in one of the official languages available here: Luxembourgish, French or German. It is also allowed to establish the articles of association in English, but a translation in one of the official languages is also required. The document should state specific provisions related to the activity of the company, its business form or the official address. 
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The articles of association in Luxembourg – main provisions  

The articles of association in Luxembourg will have to state the legal form of the company, as well as relevant information on the legal person/legal entity representing the newly formed company
The document should also provide information on the main business activities carried out by the company, but also the share capital required for the procedure of company registration in Luxembourg. It is important to know that the minimum share capital varies in Luxembourg in accordance with the legal entity chosen for the company
At the same time, it also must state the way in which the company’s members are appointed, as well as on the capital contributions of the shareholders. 
Please contact our team of company formation consultants in Luxembourg for more details referring to the articles of association

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