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Fiscal Representative in Luxembourg

Updated on Wednesday 07th February 2024

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Fiscal Representative in Luxembourg
A fiscal representative in Luxembourg is the same thing as a tax representative. This specialist has various responsibilities, including the registration of a company for VAT payment with the relevant authorities. However, there are other obligations, and in the following lines, you can discover some important information that will help you when you want to open a company in Luxembourg. We specify that our company formation agents in Luxembourg can help you with the necessary procedures in these steps.

What does a tax representative in Luxembourg do?

As stated at the beginning of this article, a tax representative in Luxembourg deals with the registration of a company for VAT payment. Here are other responsibilities:
  1. A fiscal representative or tax agent in Luxembourg can deal with the preparation of the documents for the VAT registration of a company in Luxembourg and obtaining the VAT code.
  2. When the time is right, the tax representative can take care of the preparation and submission of tax declarations.
  3. He or she can represent the client in front of tax offices in Luxembourg.
  4. A fiscal representative of a company in Luxembourg can be present when tax inspections take place.
These are some of the responsibilities that come to the attention of a fiscal representative in Luxembourg. We recommend that you contact one of our local specialists if you want to set up a company in Luxembourg and appoint a fiscal representative. We can help you with everything related to company formation in Luxembourg.

Why is it recommended to have a tax representative in Luxembourg for VAT purposes?

A fiscal representative in Luxembourg is considered liable for the VAT a company needs to pay in this country. In other words, he/she must ensure that everything is in order in terms of documents and that the company respects the deadline for VAT payment, among other things. If the company does not pay its VAT, the tax administration in Luxembourg can collect the respective amount from the tax representative of the company in question, as permitted by law.

Is there an obligation to have fiscal representatives in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, there is no obligation to appoint a tax representative when setting up a company. However, it is recommended that you do this because, in this way, the part related to taxes can be successfully covered by an expert. A tax representative has various responsibilities and can act for a better business direction from a tax point of view. If you are interested in company incorporation in Luxembourg and want to know more about the services offered by a tax representative, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

VAT rates in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, the standard VAT rate is set at 17%. However, there are other VAT rates, as follows:
  1. A 14% VAT rate is imposed on heating wood, printed advertising, cleaning products, etc.
  2. An 8% VAT rate applies for electricity, clothes, natural gas, etc.
  3. A 3% VAT rate applies for specific medicine, water supply, foodstuff, etc.
Registration for VAT payment in Luxembourg is done for companies with an annual turnover of over EUR 35,000, and the whole procedure can take around 3 weeks.
In addition to the services offered by tax representatives, you can also opt for those of our accountants in Luxembourg. Among them, payroll in Luxembourg is among the most important. You can find more information if you contact us by phone or online.

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