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Financial Advisor Services in Luxembourg

Updated on Tuesday 26th October 2021

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Financial Advisor Services in Luxembourg.jpegThere are many entrepreneurs and investors who know the importance of a financial advisor. The services of such an expert can help them in making various decisions in the company. If you also want to find out how such a specialist can help you and what his/her attributes are, we invite you to talk to us. In addition, we remind you that foreigners who want to start a business in Luxembourg can send requests to our company formation specialists with experience in this field.

How can a financial advisor in Luxembourg help you?

Broadly speaking, the financial advisor helps entrepreneurs, but also individuals to properly manage their money. There are several categories of financial consultants. Some of them specialize in estates and trusts, have the title of wealth managers, and have various attributions in this direction.
Investment advisors are experts who offer suitable solutions for those who want to make investments and find out the risks in this field. But some financial planners can provide the necessary support to those interested in financial education, how they can save, how they can manage financial resources, and what kind of investments they could make.
Here's how a financial advisor in Luxembourg can help you:
  • Tax planning - Companies in Luxembourg must be registered to pay taxes. A plan in this regard helps shareholders better understand what they have to do and what kind of taxes they have to pay.
  • Financial saving - Savings are important, and information in this regard can be provided by a financial expert.
  • Retirement planning - Even if it may seem premature, it is important to consider such a plan. A financial advisor in Luxembourg can tell you how to save for retirement.
  • Portfolio management - A collection of investments has its objectives, and an expert in the field can tell you details about its benefits.
  • Investment strategies - Those interested in opening an investment fund can find out from a consultant what are the right strategies.
These are some of the services of a financial advisor in Luxembourg, but for complete details you can contact our specialists. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Luxembourg can ask for the support of our agents who can handle the required formalities.

When you need the services of a financial advisor in Luxembourg

Normally, wealth is what will dictate if specialized financial consulting is needed. But in order to have the guarantee that it is protected from the beginning, you need help in this direction. Thus, entrepreneurs or investors will benefit from dedicated services, information on how to manage finances correctly, make investments, but also savings. So, if you need specialized advice, do not hesitate to talk to our financial advisor in Luxembourg.

Benefits of the services of a financial advisor in Luxembourg

A financial consultant can be hired by both companies and individuals. Among the benefits of these services is an objective analysis of the plans, balancing costs, and financial security. A financial independence plan can be made with the help of an expert, who will know how to emphasize both personal and business needs. So, if you want to know more about the advantages of the services of a financial advisor in Luxembourg, we invite you to talk to our specialists.

Luxembourg, one of the best investment destinations

Luxembourg is a business destination highly appreciated by foreigners for the real possibilities of investments and profits. As an important financial center, Luxembourg continues its policy of political and trade neutrality, which makes it possible to develop business in a stable and friendly environment. The workforce is qualitative and experienced, the infrastructure is well developed, and the charging system is extremely advantageous. Here are other interesting statistics that highlight the economic direction of Luxembourg:
  1. Analyzing the annual GDP, Luxembourg is considered the third richest country in the world.
  2. The industrial sectors support the GDP by over 11%, every year.
  3. Germany is Luxembourg's largest export partner, with over 26% of all products leaving this country.
  4. According to 2020 Doing Business report which analyzes the business climate and conditions, Luxembourg ranked 72nd out of 190 countries in the world.
If you are a foreign or local investor interested in the services of our financial advisor in Luxembourg, you can contact us and make an appointment. We are here to offer you proper solutions, tailored to your needs.

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