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Domiciliation in Luxembourg

Updated on Thursday 20th April 2023

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NOTE: As per the Luxembourg Law, domiciliation to companies through a fiduciary service provider can only be granted to holding companies.
domiciliation package can be purchased for different reasons, as long as it respects the applicable legislation in Luxembourg. One can ask for domiciliation services for a trading company or for a holding company, depending on his/her business needs. Therefore, an investor looking for a domiciliation solution in Luxembourg must consider the requirements in this sense, with complete support offered by our team of company formation agents in Luxembourg.
 Quick Facts  
Who can benefit from virtual office services

Investors who want to expand their businesses, startups etc. 

The purpose of a virtual office

Registered business address

Facilities of a virtual office

- mail collection and forwarding,

- call answering and redirecting,

- voice mailbox services

Local business address (YES/NO)


Registered office (YES/NO) Yes
Dedicated fax services (YES/NO)


Timeframe for receiving virtual office package

Around 24 hours

Collection of bank statements

On request

Meeting rooms (YES/NO) Yes 
Local phone number (YES/NO)


Dedicated office plan 

On request

Virtual assistant (YES/NO)


Location rent (YES/NO)


Work remotely (YES/NO)


Costs of a virtual office At a fraction of price for a traditional office


Domiciliation for a Trading Company in Luxembourg

If the Luxembourg company is a commercial one, in order to get the business license, the businessman will have to deliver a copy of your lease agreement to the Luxembourg administration. As a result, a domiciliation solution is not really possible, although our local law firm will be able to find a real office solution for your business in Luxembourg.
Our accountants in Luxembourg are at your disposal with a series of services necessary for the smooth functioning of a company. In addition to bookkeeping and payroll, our specialists can offer expert tax advice for foreign researchers interested in this aspect. We also successfully manage the registration for the payment of taxes, therefore, contact us at any time.

Domiciliation solution for a Holding Company in Luxembourg

In the case of a Luxembourg holding company, this holding can be domiciled by our affiliate Law Firm, however, the client will be provided a global service regulated by the Law of 1999 including a Luxembourg address, corporate secretary and monitoring of the company per the requirements of the Luxembourg Law. Here is an infographic with extra details:
Domiciliation in luxembourg1.png

What does a domiciliation package comprise?

The domiciliation package provided by contains the following:
  1. A prestigious business address in Luxembourg for a trustworthy and risk-free base for corresponding with the customers.
  2. A registered office which is essential for establishing a Luxembourg company.
  3. Mail collection and forwarding - Mail is collected and the packages are signed for and then sent to you, in accordance with your instructions, via the fax or email.
  4. Incoming and outgoing faxes – You can use our local fax number, as we can collect and send the faxes to you, no matter where you are.
  5. Voice mailbox services can be forwarded to you by email if you request in this sense.
Our team of consultants can help you with the company formation in Luxembourg process, including finding the proper domiciliation for your business needs. If you want to open a bank account in Luxembourg, we can offer assistance. If you want to open a SLP in Luxembourg, our company formation specialists can help you.

Additional services offered in Luxembourg

On request, you can receive the following dedicated services:


  • Dedicated fax service in agreement with your needs and requests.
  • Call redirecting -  the specialized technology enables call redirection to your primary number.
  • Collection of bank statements, in agreement to your needs.
  • Extra usage of the meeting room, if it is the case and if you request so.

Why should I purchase domiciliation services in Luxembourg?

Overseas entrepreneurs who would like to set up their operations in Luxembourg might be interested in purchasing a domiciliation service in Luxembourg and have some marketing research before making any business decision. This is in most cases the proper solution for those wondering what the best business option is, allowing an investor to test the market and the opportunities. Moreover, having a virtual assistant taking care of the daily tasks and getting in contact with future partners in Luxembourg is needed.
It is good to know that there is no need for an entrepreneur to travel to Luxembourg for buying domiciliation packages, and instead, they can get in touch with us for more information and a personalized offer in this sense. You can also watch the following video presentation with details about domiciliation in Luxembourg

Reasons for buying domiciliation services in Luxembourg

A notable business address, a virtual assistant, mail collecting and forwarding, voice mailbox are only a few of the domiciliation services you can purchase in Luxembourg if you are interested in doing business in this country. There are many entrepreneurs who do not have enough time to wait to look for a place to rent in Luxembourg, and instead, they want to buy domiciliation services in Luxembourg and get straight to business. Marketing strategies and plans are often in the attention of fresh entrepreneurs looking for business development in Luxembourg, and a domiciliation might represent a proper start.

Who can purchase domiciliation services in Luxembourg?

If you are an international investor wanting to set up the operations in Luxembourg you can think of buying domiciliation services in Luxembourg in the first place. Telecommunication, IT, tourism, manufacturing, or any field of interest can make an entrepreneur start his/her business affairs in Luxembourg, an important and respected financial center. A domiciliation might represent the proper choice for foreigners wanting to first of all test the market and then establish the business presence. Let our company formation agents in Luxembourg tell you more about the domiciliation packages you can purchase and about the benefits involved.

When do I receive a domiciliation package in Luxembourg?

Entrepreneurs from abroad can receive a domiciliation package in less than 24 hours, as soon as they made a request in this sense. A prestigious business address, a registered office for company incorporation, mail collecting and forwarding, incoming and outgoing faxes, voicemail inbox and bank statements collection are only a few of the services comprised by a domiciliation package in Luxembourg.
You can get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in Luxembourg and solicit a personalized offer, plus information about how you can open a company in Luxembourg. We remind that we are at your service if you would like to establish a branch, a subsidiary, create a SICAV, a SICAF, or a joint venture in Luxembourg.
Are you looking for payroll in Luxembourg? Our team of accountants can offer you this type of service and tell you the procedures involved. Broadly speaking, you should know that with the help of payroll, salaries can be distributed in a company, according to internal regulations and other procedures. We invite you to discover these services and their costs by contacting us by phone or online.

Domiciliation vs. traditional office in Luxembourg 

In matters of expenses, it is good to know that a domiciliation in Luxembourg is at a fraction of costs compared to a traditional office where you need to consider the rental costs, utility bills, office supply, the minimum share capital for a business, costs for hiring employees and many more.
This is among the reasons and also the benefits for deciding on purchasing domiciliation services in Luxembourg when thinking of minimizing the business costs. Moreover, a domiciliation means having a notable business address, a virtual assistant taking care of the daily duties in the firm, and the possibility of implementing all kind of marketing strategies that can help an investor decide on the business direction later on.
Let us remind you that there is no need for you to travel to Luxembourg for buying a domiciliation package, as our team of consultants can take care of your inquiries. As for additional services offered, we mention that you can receive dedicated fax services, extra usage of meeting rooms and collection of bank statements at any time.
We can help you with domiciliation for your business in other European countries, such as Poland, Italy or Hungary. Moreover, our Asian partners can help you with personalized domiciliation packages in other jurisdictions too. Please contact our partners who are experts in opening Hong Kong companies or our Singapore company formation specialists.

Why choose a virtual office in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, therefore renting office space here can have quite an impact on a business owner’s pocket. With a virtual office the costs related to leasing office space in a renowned business center are significantly reduced.
Also, most of the virtual office spaces come equipped with all the technology required to do business in a modern office. The virtual office can also be used as registered office when starting a business in Luxembourg.
Compared to a traditional office which requires maintenance, therefore generating additional costs, the virtual office does not imply maintenance and the amount of money saved can be directed towards other purposes. Employment costs can also be reduced when using a virtual office instead of a traditional one.

FAQ on our virtual office services in Luxembourg

  1. How can I buy a virtual office in Luxembourg?
If you want to buy a virtual office, you just need to contact us, and we will present you our offer.
  1. Is it hard to buy such services in Luxembourg?
No, a Luxembourg virtual office package can be purchased like any other service.
  1. Do I need to bring someone to the stay in that office?
You don’t need to have an employee who handles the virtual office, as we will assign an assistant.
  1. Can I have business meetings in a virtual office?
Yes, you can rent meeting rooms in the same business center where the virtual office is. We can assist with meeting room rentals.
  1. How much does a virtual office cost in Luxembourg?
The price of a virtual office is usually given by its location and the services required. We can make personalized offers.

Why start a business in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is of the richest countries in Europe which is why it represents a very attractive jurisdiction for foreign investments. During the last several years, the government has focused on the development of the research and development sector which has enabled the creation of numerous companies in the IT field. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have also become appealing for young enterprisers and now form two of the top industries in Luxembourg.

Legislation on domiciliation in Luxembourg

Domiciliation has its own law in Luxembourg – the Law of May 31st of 1999 which defines domiciliation as a service provided by a third party in relation to the establishment of a registered office for a company in the Grand Duchy.
The Domiciliation Act is not the only law to provide for such services, as a recent circular issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Luxembourg (CSSF) has extended the appliance of this law to investment funds.
The laws which now provides for domiciliation in Luxembourg are:
  1. the Law of 12 November 2004 which provides for anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism;
  2. the Company Law which provides for the establishment of commercial companies in Luxembourg;
  3. the Law on Processing of Personal Data which is now completed by the new GDPR legislation;
  4. the Law on right of establishment and regulating the access to some professions which was created in 1988.
Our law firm in Luxembourg can offer more information on the legislation which covers the activities to be completed by a domiciliation agent.

When is a domiciliation agent required in Luxembourg?

The domiciliation agent is required when setting up a business in Luxembourg. Not all types of companies need a domiciliation agent, as sole traders usually do not request such services, however, the following types of companies are the most common clients of domiciliation agents:
  • - holding companies;
  • - SOPARFI companies;
  • - Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs);
  • - investment companies.
All Luxembourg domiciliation agent services are offered based on a contract.

Who can act as a domiciliation agent in Luxembourg?

The Luxembourg Domiciliation Law states which professionals may act as domiciliation agents:
  • - credit institutions and other professionals operating in the financial or insurance sectors;
  • - lawyers;
  • - external auditors;
  • - chartered accountants.

Domiciliation agents must identify clients, beneficial owners, the purpose and object of transactions and generally maintain a rigorous monitoring of the relationship with the company. Domiciliation agents should also maintain an adequate internal organization and fully cooperate with the authorities.

Obligations of domiciliation agents

In performing the necessary tasks, domiciliation agents in Luxembourg should act according to law and in a professional manner. Some of the rules of conduct and obligations are as follows:
  • - to act honestly and fairly in the best interest of the client;
  • - to act with due skills;
  • - to minimize the risk of conflicts of interests;
  • - to comply with all regulatory requirements.
Our attorneys in Luxembourg can offer additional information on the obligations of domiciliation agents.

The domiciliation contract in Luxembourg

The contract signed between the agent and the client is called a domiciliation agent and it must be drafted by the company or professional offering the services. Just like any other contract is must contain the following elements:
  1. the name and address and other identification data of the service provider and the details of the client;
  2. the services offered through the contract (these can vary) and the costs associated with these services;
  3. the date of signing the contract and the date of ending the services of the domiciliation agent;
  4. the signatures of both client and domiciliation agent and other elements, depending on the services offered.
The contract must be notarized by a public notary in Luxembourg and registered with the Companies Registrar if it will serve as a legal address for the company.
Luxembourg is one of the few European countries to have such services regulated and our local law firm can offer such services to those interested in starting a business in this country.

Foreign companies and domiciliation agents in Luxembourg

Foreign companies can operate in Luxembourg through branches and subsidiaries. According to the Corporate Law, these must have a registered address in Luxembourg in order to be considered resident companies and a domiciliation agent can cover the services related to having a legal address in their cases.
The domiciliation agent can also be used by foreign companies seeking to relocate their activities to Luxembourg.
We can advise foreign investors who want to set up branches and subsidiaries in Luxembourg and we can also assist those who want to relocate their companies in the Grand Duchy.

Domiciliation services in Luxembourg

In most countries, the services offered by a domiciliation agent related to the legal address of a company are known as virtual office services and are often not regulated by specific laws.
Some of the benefits of our domiciliation services in Luxembourg are:
  • - registered office in Luxembourg;
  • - mail forwarding;
  • - assistance for incoming and outgoing faxes with a dedicated fax number;
  • - local phone number in Luxembourg;
  • - call redirecting and many others;
  • - access to meeting and conference rooms with a previous notification;
  • - collection of bank statements;
  • - organization of documents.
Our Luxembourg lawyers can provide more information on the services which can be offered by a domiciliation agent in the Grand Duchy. If you need virtual office for your business in another country/region, such as Dubai, we can put you in touch with our local partners.

Domiciliation agent services for investment funds in Luxembourg

As mentioned above, domiciliation is a very common alternative for those setting up investment funds and companies in charge with the management of such funds in Luxembourg. Under the new circular issued by the CSSF, domiciliation agents can take on additional roles related to the services they offer. Among these, they can prepare and review documents related to the administration of the funds. The new circular also provides for choosing specialized IT service provides which administer the systems used to compile the documents of the funds.
Our lawyers in Luxembourg can also assist with the registration of various types of investment funds and investment companies.
We kindly invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation specialists in Luxembourg and ask about the domiciliation packages you can purchase. You can also ask us about how you can open a company in Luxembourg and what are the formalities in this matter. Our specialists can also help you open a special limited partnership in Luxembourg (SLP)


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