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Types of Alternative Investment Funds in Luxembourg


Foreign investors can set up alternative funds in Luxembourg like hedge funds, real estate funds, private equity funds or funds of hedge funds only if they are qualified investors. The attractive business climate in Luxembourg offers a wide range of possibilities for those who want to develop their portfolios in such state and who want to generate profits in the prolific sectors in Luxembourg.

Why is Luxembourg in Top 3 Financial Hubs in Europe?


The March edition of the Global Financial Centers ranked Luxembourg on top 3 favorable financial destinations in Europe, on the second position at a global level, right after the United States of America. Known as a large investment center, Luxembourg continues to offer a multitude of possibilities for foreigners willing to expand their operations and develop new sources of profit. If you would like to benefit from the advantageous investment field of Luxembourg and set up companies in this sense, we invite you to talk to our team of company formation agents in Luxembourg.

How to Create an Innovative Company in Luxembourg

Innovation is part of the daily life and it is implemented in a wide range of fields in numerous countries worldwide.  Luxembourg aligns with the standards and the technologies nowadays and furthermore, the government of this country encourages the innovative companies through all kinds of incentives, offering to foreign investors the possibility of opening companies in the services sectors in the country. If you would like to set up a company in Luxembourg and develop the operations in an appreciated business field, we suggest you talk to our company formation representatives in Luxembourg. 

How Government in Luxembourg will Sustain R&D

Innovation is for many years part of the daily life because technology continues to develop in a fast manner in many sectors. Businesses in Luxembourg must align with the requirements on the market and can flourish with a proper implementation of innovation in all fields. In this sense, the government in Luxembourg presented a new law which aims at the proper implementation of innovation in business. Foreign investors who want to register a company in Luxembourg can benefit from the complete company formation services offered by our team of specialists in Luxembourg.

The Five-Year Plan for Developing the Tourism Sector in Luxembourg


Even though Luxembourg does not have sea exits, the small European country has attractive landscapes and influences offered by neighbors like Germany, France, or Belgium. A low inflation, an attractiveness for innovation and the stable economy make Luxembourg a solid candidate in the tourism sector, as the authorities are planning big projects until 2022. Foreign investors are attracted by the favorable tax structure of Luxembourg and by the business opportunities in this state. If you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants to open a company in Luxembourg, it is best to talk to one of our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg for complete support.

Luxembourg and Italy to Sustain Digitalisation in the Financial Services Sector

Integrating the digital technology in the main industries but particularly in the financial sector represents the main concern in the business hub nowadays. Known as a world-leading financial center, Luxembourg has strengthened the collaboration with Italy, an important business associate since the 19th century. With a favorable tax regime related to the investment sector, Luxembourg offers numerous possibilities for business persons worldwide, including for those interested in sustaining digitalization in the financial domain. You may talk to our company formation specialists in Luxembourg if you want to open a company in Luxembourg.

The Attributes of the Business Environment in Luxembourg


Vitality, competitiveness, stability, and consistency are among the important attributes which can be used when talking about the business background in Luxembourg. Local and foreign entrepreneurs in the country enjoy the advantages of doing business here, as the Grand Duchy offers not only openness but also confidence and support regarding the foreign investments and the businesses placed in varied key sectors. Related to the business environment, it is good to know that the company registration process in Luxembourg is subject to fewer formalities and easy ways of incorporation, a matter where you can receive complete support and guidelines from our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg City in Top of Most Attractive Metropolises for Real Estate in Europe


Luxembourg city, the capital of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, proudly aligns with other European capitals and cities considered the most attractive for real estate. Madrid, Frankfurt, Dublin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and München completes the top ten of cities with fast developments in the real estate sector, due to many investments attracted among many other reasons. If you are a businessman who wants to register a company in Luxembourg, you may address your request in this matter to our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg who are at your disposal with information and assistance.

Luxembourg and China to Strengthen the Economic Ties


Luxembourg is a respected and appreciated financial business hub which presents a major interest for Chinese investors. The recent meetings between Luxembourg and China representatives aimed the investment opportunities and the financial services which can be implemented in alignment with the latest developments. Regarding the ways in which you can register a company in Luxembourg, we suggest you to solicit comprehensive information and assistance from our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg.

A Guide on Opening an Investment Fund in Luxembourg


Luxembourg has been very successful in attracting international investment funds and becoming a major financial center due to a series of factors. These include: a wide range of investment fund solutions, a friendly regulatory environment, a stable economy and an attractive taxation system. A guide on opening an investment fund can be provided to investors by our experts in company formation in Luxembourg.

Main Sources of Income Deriving From Financial Activities in Luxembourg

Financial companies can develop successful businesses in Luxembourg, as this activity represents one of the top sources of income for this country. Foreign businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Luxembourg in the financial sector should know that 59% of the country’s financial center turnover derives from the activities carried out by foreign businessmen residing in the European Union (EU). Our team of company formation agents in Luxembourg can provide in-depth assistance on the regulations addressed to foreign businessmen. 

A New Segment on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange


The business market available in Luxembourg provides numerous ways to invest in this country. Those who want to open a company in Luxembourg should know that the investment market available here offers green securities, which refer to  sustainable investments. The Luxembourg Stock Exchange created a new segment dedicated to green securities – the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), a platform launched in September 2016. Our team of company formation representatives in Luxembourg can offer advice on how to register with the LGX

Moody's: Luxembourg, Rated as an AAA Economy


Luxembourg was rated by Moody’s credit rating agency as being an AAA economy, which provides very good business prospects for the investors interested in establishing a company in this country, as this rating is usually offered to countries with a very stable economic background. Those interested in company formation in Luxembourg should know that the country is one of the few economies across the world which have received the AAA ratingOur team of company registration agents in Luxembourg can provide more details on this matter. 

European Commission Forecast: Economic Growth Expected For The Next Two Years


The European Commission (EC) has recently announced that Luxembourg’s economy will continue to grow in the following two years. The same forecast was issued for other European economies as well, thus investors who want to open a company in Luxembourg can expect positive results for their businesses. Our team of specialists in company formation in Luxembourg can offer an in-depth presentation on the legislation applicable to various economic fields in which the investors are interested in. 

Private Companies in Luxembourg Sustained in the Field of Space Activities


Luxembourg is interested in becoming one of the most representative economies in Europe in terms of space activities. Thus, its governmental policies aim at turning Luxembourg into a top economy for the exploration and exploitation of space resources. Foreign investors who are interested in opening a company in Luxembourg operating in the field of space activities should know that the European Investment Bank (EIB) is searching for suitable methods to provide financing to private companies activating in this industry. Our team of company formation representatives in Luxembourg can offer more details on how to register a business in this field. 

Sources of Growing Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg


Foreign investors who are interested in opening a company in Luxembourg can have positive prospects on this market, as the local statistics office, STATEC, announced at the end of 2016 that the state of the entrepreneurship in this country increased in the last years. The number of the newly formed companies increased in 2015, up to 10.2%, compared to a number of 7.1% in 2014. It is important to know that the growth is correlated with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increase, which developed in the last years as well. Our team of company formation representatives in Luxembourg can provide more details on the regulations related to the registration of a company.

Luxembourg Economy Rose by 4.4% in the Second Quarter of 2016


Luxembourg’s economy is booming at the moment, according to various surveys. The last one, which was issued by the National Statistics Office, Statec, announced a 4.4% economic growth in the second quarter of the year for the Grand Duchy. The economy also rose by 1.6% compared to the first three months of the year, according to calculations. Our Luxembourg company formation representatives can assist foreign investors interested in opening companies here.

Why Choose Luxembourg for Investing after Brexit?


UK’s referendum to exit the European Union has had a huge impact on investors established there and has determined many of them to start for alternatives to relocate their businesses in countries within the EU. Most of the largest investment funds have chosen Luxembourg as their relocation destination after Brexit. So is the case of some of the largest telecom companies in the world with headquarters in the UK. What has determined them relocate to Luxembourg after Brexit?

Luxembourg, a EU Onshore Financial Hub for Singaporean Companies


Luxembourg and Singapore already have a dynamic and long-standing connection. During the last years, Singapore has become a flourishing financial centre of international status, helping not only its domestic economy, but also the extensive Asia Pacific area.

The Luxembourg Consumer Confidence Index Increased in March


Luxembourg’s consumer confidence index increased in March to a positive value. The difference is relevant compared to March 2015 when the same index had a negative value. The value of this index shows that the country’s economy, and, more importantly, the people’s spending power, has evolved in a good direction. 

Project: Energy Audits for Large Companies in Luxembourg


A new bill proposed by the Luxembourg Government aims to implement a mandatory energy audit policy for large companies operating in the country. The procedure will be performed according to a European Directive and will be conducted by an external auditor in Luxembourg. Our company registration agents in Luxembourg can help you undergo any necessary audit requirements for your corporation.

Luxembourg, a Top Talent Competitiveness Country


Luxembourg was ranked 3rd place in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index. The country is one of the best in the world at attracting competitive talented employees and retaining them. Foreign and cross-border employees chose to work in the country because of the numerous opportunities and a large number of international companies present on the Luxembourg market.

Luxembourg, One of the Best Countries in the World for Doing Business


Luxembourg was ranked as one of the best countries in the world for doing business in a new World Report issues by the United States. The small Duchy obtained favorable positions in a number of categories, including tax system, bureaucracy, and corruption level. Foreign investors who decide to do business in the country can benefit from these characteristics and base their activities in a favorable European location.

Luxembourg, In Top 3 Countries In The World For Retaining Talents


The World Talent report, issued by the World Competitiveness Center, analyzes the ability of a country to develop and attract qualified and talented individuals, who can contribute to the needs and development of a company. Foreign investors who are interested in opening a company here should know that Luxembourg ranked as the 3rd worldwide economy on the talent ranking study.

New Standards of Financial and Digital Development for Luxembourg


In the last thirty years, Luxembourg has become one of the most important financial centers in the European Union. Financial services represent one of the most important industries in Luxembourg and this can be seen in the fact that Luxembourg is an international financial center. Moreover, Luxembourg has been playing a major role in the last decades in the development of financial services industry in Europe. Foreign investors interested in opening a company in Luxembourg may request for information on this matter from our agents.


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