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Create an IT Company in Luxembourg

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Create-an-IT-Company-in-Luxembourg.jpgThe high demand for IT services in the business environment have made national and foreign investors rethink the future plans linked to the way of making profits. In this matter, an IT company in Luxembourg can serve to many other enterprises and represent a proper form of business at this moment, but also for the years to come. Considering the main requirements in the business field and particularly related to the company registration, our specialists in company incorporation in Luxembourg can provide comprehensive support and assistance.

Steps in opening an IT company in Luxembourg

One of the most popular and appreciated business forms worldwide is the limited liability company, which is also available in Luxembourg, under the name of SARL – société á responsabilité limitée. This can be a suitable option for entrepreneurs who want to open an IT company. An LLC in Luxembourg can be set up by at least two shareholders having a minimum share capital of EUR 12,400 deposited in the bank account which will also serve for future transactions, with the Trade and Companies Register. In matters of documents preparation and applying for special permits and licenses for your IT company, you can rely on the complete support offered by our company incorporation agents in Luxembourg.

Why entrepreneurs open IT companies in Luxembourg

A business can run suitably if IT support is provided by a company specialized in this field. For example, such company can offer email and internet support, hardware and software acquisition and implementing additional communication channels. Also, on request and from varied points of view, an IT company can provide the technical equipment and the maintenance for each company that has such demands. As a profitable domain, the technology is in a continuous expansion and there are many business solutions which can be suggested and successfully implemented with the help of specialists in the field.
If you want to open an IT company in Luxembourg or if you are interested in establishing a different kind of business, please do not hesitate to contact our team of company formation representatives in Luxembourg.

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