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Open a Travel Agency in Luxembourg

Updated on Thursday 27th September 2018

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Open-a-Travel-Agency-in-Luxembourg.jpgLuxembourg is not only a strong financial hub very much appreciated on an international scale, but also the proper destination for any kind of business. Considering the fact that Luxembourg is also an attractive country from a touristic point of view, investors from abroad can easily set up travel agencies in this country. There are several requirements related to the registration of a tour operator in Luxembourg, among which the special licenses and permits for which you can ask information from our team of company formation agents in Luxembourg.

How can I operate a travel agency in Luxembourg?

A travel agency in Luxembourg can activate as a limited liability company, can be established by a sole trader or it can operate through partnerships. In any case, you should solicit assistance and details at the time of the incorporation with the Trade Register in Luxembourg. Let us handle the entire procedure, including the one for obtaining the necessary license.

What type of license do I need for my travel agency in Luxembourg?

Foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a travel agency in Luxembourg need to apply for the business license and hire staff with experience in the touristic field and licensed as travel agents. Applying for a business license is not a time-consuming process if all the requirements in matters of documents are respected. 

Other conditions for opening a travel agency in Luxembourg

You might want to observe the following requirements for setting up a travel agency in Luxembourg:
  • a foreign entrepreneur needs to have a residence permit in Luxembourg at the time he/she wants to set up the business as a tour operator;
  • the agency needs to be registered with the Union of Travel Agencies in Luxembourg; 
  • a rental contract which shows the business has an office is necessary;
  • the information about the company owners, plus their liabilities are comprised by the Articles of Association.
Feel free to ask our specialists in company incorporation in Luxembourg for assistance in opening a business in the Grand Duchy.

Activities of a travel agency in Luxembourg

A travel agency can offer inbound services meaning that touristic packages will address to those interested in visiting Luxembourg, or outbound services with foreign destinations to tourists living in Luxembourg. Hotel booking, transportation, plane tickets, car rentals, tour organizations, last minute travels, and complete travel packages can be the services offered by a travel agency in Luxembourg. In any case, it is best to pay attention to all the conditions for this type of business, including the ones related to the fees and expenses required.
You can contact our company incorporation consultants in Luxembourg and address your inquiries if you would like to open a travel agency in Luxembourg.

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Contact our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg, who have a large experience in finance and international business. 

Set up an appointment with us at +352 671 533 922. Alternatively you can incorporate your company without traveling to Luxembourg.

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