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Establish a European Long Term Investment Fund

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Establish-a-European-Long-Term-Investment-Fund.jpgThe European long-term investment fund is a new type of fund vehicle that targets alternative investments. This new type of European fund is a solution for institutional and retail investors and it was proposed by the European Commission to help increase the options for non-bank funding for companies.
Luxembourg is known as a financial and business center and investors also have other options when choosing investment vehicles and types of funds. Our company registration team in Luxembourg can help you choose the right type of funding and manage existing investment vehicles. 

The ELTIF in Luxembourg

The European long-term investment fund, or in short ELTIF, is a regulated fund vehicle that is destined for the long term investment of 70% of the capital. It can be used for real estate funds, debt funds, real assets, infrastructure funds, private equity funds or umbrella funds.
This type of fund can be used by professional or retail investors. The investor is protected through the various marketing requirements. The ELTIF can only invest in certain types of assets, like unlisted companies or real assets that require long-term capital. The fund has three years to reach the requirements for having 70% of the money invested in the chosen assets.
Our agents in Luxembourg can tell you more about the special requirements for setting up this fund and the provisions governing it.

ELTIF authorization and management 

The ELTIF must receive an authorization for functioning from the relevant authority operating in the Member State in which it is incorporated. The European long-term investment fund needs to be managed by an authorized Alternative Investment Fund Manager or by an Alternative Investment Fund. Once the ELTIF receives its authorization, it is valid for all of the EU Member States. 
Although the ELTIF is allowed to have a large number of eligible assets and is permitted a number of activities it cannot short sell assets, take direct or indirect exposure to commodities, it cannot perform securities lending or borrowing and it cannot repurchase transactions. The fund has a defined “life” during which no redemption rights can be enforced.
For more information about the ELTIF or the regulations for investment funds in Luxembourg, you can contact us.

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