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The Minimum Capital for Opening a Company in Luxembourg

Updated on Thursday 25th April 2019

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The-minimum-capital-for-opening-a-company-in-LuxembourgForeign investors come to Luxembourg because of the numerous types of companies they can establish and because the Grand Duchy offers a friendly taxation system. Company registration in Luxembourg is possible through the Commercial Code which provides for all types of structures that can be incorporated, including the requirements for setting them up. Before starting the company formation process, one must know that a company must have a specific number of shareholders, at least one manager or director and a start-up capital. Our company formation agents in Luxembourg can offer detailed information about each type of company.

The share capital of Luxembourg companies


One of the most important aspects of registering a company in Luxembourg is the share capital which must be deposited when setting up the business. The share capital represents the contributions of the shareholder and can take the form of money or assets. Once issued, the capital will be divided into shares.
The following types of companies are required to have a minimum share capital in Luxembourg:
  • -          the private limited liability company (SARL);
  • -          the public limited liability company (SA).
The minimum share capital required to register a SARL company in Luxembourg is approximately EUR 12,500 and the whole amount must be paid upon incorporation. The share capital required to set up a SA company is approximately EUR 31,000 out of which 25% must be paid when registering the company. The share capital must be deposited in the company’s bank account.

Share capital requirements for partnerships in Luxembourg


There are four types of partnerships one can establish in Luxembourg:
  • -          general partnership;
  • -          limited corporate partnership;
  • -          special limited partnership;
  • -          corporate partnership limited by shares.
While the first three types of partnerships are not subject to share capital requirements, the partnership limited by shares must have a start-up capital of EUR 31,000. It must be noted that a company or a partnership’s share capital can be altered under the provisions of the Company Act.

What is the minimum share capital for subsidiaries in Luxembourg?

The private limited liability can be the proper business structure for establishing a subsidiary in Luxembourg, with a minimum share capital of EUR 12,500.  As for a public limited liability under which your subsidiary will activate, the minimum share capital is set at EUR 31,000. Besides that, a subsidiary is subject to different costs compared to a branch, for example. Costs for a big business office, a number of employees, taxes, social contributions and many more should be in the attention of foreign investors looking to establish their business presence in Luxembourg through subsidiaries. Feel free to talk to our team of company formation specialists in Luxembourg and find out more details about the minimum share capital for companies in this country.

What is the minimum share capital for a SICAF in Luxembourg?

A SICAF can run under the rules of private companies, partnerships or public limited companies with authorized capital increased only by the stockholders.  EUR 300,000 represents the minimum share capital for establishing a SICAF in Luxembourg, mentioning that in approximately 6 months, the capital must reach around EUR 1,250,000. Among the requirements for opening a SICAF, one of the most common investment company in Luxembourg we mention the following:
  1. A development plan and the Articles of Incorporation need to be prepared.
  2. Information about the sponsors, the management schemes and shares are mandatory.
  3. A SICAF needs to be registered for tax purposes in Luxembourg.
  4. All the documents need to be notarized before submission.
SICAF is a special investment structure which can be managed by a company or by itself. Let our team of consultants tell you more about how to create a SICAF and about the minimum share capital involved.

Opening a FIAR in Luxembourg

FIAR is the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund which can be registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg for a minimum investment of EUR 125,000. As the name says, FIAR is another investment alternative for international players in Luxembourg for which an investment fund manager is needed. In terms of taxation, a FIAR is protected by the double taxation agreements signed by Luxembourg with countries worldwide.

Do I need capital for opening an insurance company in Luxembourg?

Yes, if you would like to open an insurance company in Luxembourg you can choose the limited liability company which can be established with a minimum share capital of EUR 12,500. At least two shareholders are needed for opening a limited liability company through which an insurance company is incorporated. Even though there are no harsh requirements for opening an insurance company in Luxembourg, it is though recommended to solicit the support of a company formation agent in Luxembourg

Undertakings for collective investments in Luxembourg

UCI or the Undertakings for Collective Investment is the type of investment fund established in 2010 and supervised by the Financial Regulator in Luxembourg. This is an investment vehicle meant for a big number of investors for which a solid financial plan is needed. UCI can be established with a minimum share capital of EUR 300,000. This is the minimum investment amount which is needed for establishing an UCI in Luxembourg. Such type of fund can have more than just one manager and can also be authorized in foreign countries too. An important thing to consider is that the invested capital needs to increase up to EUR 1,250,000 in approximately 6 months.

Reasons to make investments in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a prolific financial center that offers numerous business opportunities plus a solid and appreciated climate. International players can benefit from a great tax structure, a well-developed infrastructure, a stable economy and an experienced workforce. The registration procedure of a company in Luxembourg is quite easy compared to other countries, and among the reason of doing business in Luxembourg. There are varied investment tools a foreign business can choose, depending on the strategies and business direction involved, plus the amount of capital he or she wants to invest. The financial sector is definitely the most productive one and the field in which most of the entrepreneurs decide to do business in. It is important to have an idea about the necessary licenses and permits for doing business in Luxembourg, therefore, we recommend you to talk to our specialists and find out detailed information in this matter.
For assistance in setting up any of the types of companies above, do not hesitate to contact our company incorporation representatives in Luxembourg.

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