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Luxembourg Securitisation Fund

Updated on Friday 27th January 2023

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Luxembourg-Securitisation-Fund.jpgA Luxembourg Securitisation Fund is used as a securitisation vehicle that uses a special pool of assets with a predictable value which are to be transformed into securities. The securitisation fund and the securitisation company-both available forms for a securitisation vehicle-are subject to the Securitisation Act.
The securitisation fund does not have legal personality like a company in Luxembourg set up especially for this purpose and will need to be managed by a specialized management company. When the fund is under a co-ownership regime then it can also act on a fiduciary basis for its investors. 
A Securitisation Fund will offer benefits both to the investors and to the originators and our company registration agents in Luxembourg can help you understand how to set up and manage such a fund.

Regulatory issues for securitisation funds

Securitisation funds in Luxembourg are supervised and need to obtain special authorizations. The law distinguished between two types of vehicles: authorized and non-authorized. The first ones receive their right to operate from the Luxembourg Supervisory Commission of the Financial Sector (CSSF).
Before any securitisation vehicle can be approved for functioning, the CSSF must analyse and approve the management regulations and constitutional documents. The identity and expertise of the members who deal with the management of the fund and its supervision is also analysed. 
We invite you to discover our payroll services in Luxembourg and benefit from the support offered by our accountants with experience in this field. Our specialists are up to date with the latest legislation and can explain the procedures involved. First of all, the payment of the taxes related to the respective salaries will be taken into account, and then the distribution will be made to each employee. Contact us to discover more about our services.

Securitisation funds taxation in Luxembourg

Securitisation funds in Luxembourg do not have to pay corporate tax. They are considered transparent structures and they are exempt from this tax. They also do not have to pay the subscription tax. In respect to other due taxes, securitisation funds are taxed like collective investment funds meaning that although they are exempt from some taxes they do not benefit from the provisions of the double tax treaties signed by Luxembourg and other countries.
Our company registration team in Luxembourg  provides services for company incorporation and investment vehicles setup. You can contact us for more details about securitisation funds and other available types of funds in Luxembourg.

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