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Open a Franchise in Luxembourg

Updated on Sunday 10th December 2017

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Open-a-Franchise-in-Luxembourg.jpgAmong varied business opportunities in Luxembourg, one can open a franchise and benefit from a great registration procedure which involves easy steps. Being a country that offers complete support and encouragements for foreigners in search of placing investments in the country’s solid industries, Luxembourg does not impose any particular law related to the franchising system. If your business plans include opening a franchise in Luxembourg, you can direct your questions to our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg who can help you set up your business in a fast and reliable manner.

The conditions for opening a franchise in Luxembourg

Establishing the activities through a franchise in Luxembourg can be made with the help of a joint venture and its conditions. For instance, the franchise contract will provide information about the franchisor (the brand or the company) and the franchisee (the entrepreneur or company who wants to buy the rights of the business) besides the details about how the franchise can be legally used in Luxembourg. All the rights, terms and conditions are also important aspects mentioned in the franchise agreement which is signed by both parts: the franchisee and the franchisor.
As long as the franchise contract is legal and valid, the franchisor must offer complete support and assistance for the settled business in Luxembourg. Please bear in mind that our company formation agents in Luxembourg can provide you with information about how a franchise business can be registered in Luxembourg.

How a franchise can be established in Luxembourg

Registering a franchise in Luxembourg is subject to an easy incorporation process, in accordance with the Civil Law in the country when preparing the franchise contract. We mention that the same Trade Registrar in Luxembourg issues the legal documents for your franchise, just like for any kind of company in the country. When opening a franchise in Luxembourg as a foreign entrepreneur, you can also focus on the available and skilled workforce in the country.

The fields in which you can open a franchise in Luxembourg

A developed country like Luxembourg offers numerous business opportunities for many investors from abroad in varied and successful sectors.  A franchise can be set up in the financial sector, food, and beverages, construction, IT, education, consulting, healthcare, communication, air transportation, or real estate. Having no specific law for franchises in Luxembourg allows entrepreneurs to develop their activities and the key sectors of the country, with the mention that they must agree on the capital they are willing to invest.
If you are a business person interested in opening a franchise in Luxembourg, we suggest you contact our team of advisors in company formation in Luxembourg for complete support and assistance.

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