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Establish a Business on Electricity, Gas, Steam and AC

Updated on Wednesday 05th December 2018

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Establish a Business on Electricity.jpgThe business climate in Luxembourg is extremely appealing to domestic and foreign investors who can decide on varied types of companies and activities. Among these, a successful business is the one in the energy field or the HVAC company that offers electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply in Luxembourg. The company formation process in Luxembourg can be supervised by our team of company formation agents in Luxembourg who can provide the necessary support in this matter.

How can I open an HVAC company in Luxembourg?

The requirements for establishing a business on electricity, gas, steam and AC supply in Luxembourg are quite simple, especially when it comes to the registration procedure. This starts with the decision on registering the limited liability company, a suitable business structure for such type of activities. Please feel free to read a few of the main rules concerning the registration of an LLC in Luxembourg:
  • the Articles of Association represent the LLC’s important documents;
  • an HVAC company needs to have a business license before operating on the market:
  • the registration for tax purposes in Luxembourg is also applicable to an HVAC company;
  • if the business starts as a sole proprietorship, it can easily turn into an LLC in Luxembourg.
We invite you to address your inquiries to our advisors if you would like to establish a business on electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply in Luxembourg.

Running an HVAC in Luxembourg

A series of conditions should be considered when opening a company for electricity, gas, steam and AC supply services in Luxembourg. For example, one must apply for the business license before opening the firm. Also, the regulations regarding the environment and the waste management should be attentively measured when establishing an HVAC company in Luxembourg. The installation of the electric equipment for households in Luxembourg need to be observed and respected, in compliance with the local laws in this sense.
Please do not hesitate to contact our team of company formation agents in Luxembourg and find out how we can help you in opening a business for electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supplies in Luxembourg.

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