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Establish a Financial Company in Luxembourg

Updated on Wednesday 06th November 2019

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Establish-a-Financial-Company-in-Luxembourg.jpgRecognized as the number one financial center in Europe, and the second most significant among players worldwide after London, Luxembourg offers a balanced and consistent business environment for those interested in opening financial companies in the Grand Duchy. With tendencies of expansion of the financial sector in Luxembourg in the next years, investors from abroad are invited to establish their businesses on the market and enjoy the favorable tax regime. Registering a company in Luxembourg is subject to an easy process which can be completely supervised by our company formation agents in Luxembourg.

Types of businesses you can open in Luxembourg’s financial sector

A financial company in Luxembourg addresses to both private and general public, to individuals and companies. Such businesses may focus on serving only companies while others have an enlarged area of interest by providing financial support in different forms to natural persons. Among financial companies with activities in Luxembourg, we mention the following:
•    banks;
•    insurance companies;
•    credit institutions;
•    brokerage companies;
•    investment banks.
One can establish a financial company in Luxembourg through a limited liability company or a public company, two of the popular and appreciated business entities in the Grand Duchy. Following the provisions of the Banking Law, the Commercial Code, one can open a financial company in Luxembourg, a situation where our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg can provide the necessary support.

Necessary licenses and permits for a financial company in Luxembourg

When deciding on a business with activities in the financial sector, one must obtain a particular license, in order to legally place the company on the market. The “Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier” or the CSSF represents the institute that controls the activities of the financial bodies registered in Luxembourg. CSSF is in charge of issuing the PFS license (Professionals of the Financial Sector) which is necessary for any kind of financial activity in Luxembourg. When applying for the above-mentioned license for the future financial company in Luxembourg one must provide to the authorities a solid plan that includes activities for 3 years, details about the services offered, and information about the owners of the business. Additionally, one must understand the term “know your customers” and offer the related services as part of the financial institution he or she intends to establish on the market.
We remind that our company incorporation agents in Luxembourg are at your disposal with support and guidelines when applying for licenses and permits for your enterprise in the Grand Dutchy, regardless of the area of business. If you need a tool for recovering the payment errors, we can put you in touch with our partners at PaidAnalytix.

Short information about the financial sector in Luxembourg

The financial sector in Luxembourg is not only stable and respected but also well-structured and ambitious, competing with international players like Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Germany, or the Netherlands, as a few examples. The credit institutions in Luxembourg met a noteworthy expansion, providing financial support in form of credits and related services in an amount of about  EUR 6,000 million registered in 2016. The modern regulatory framework of the financial sector in Luxembourg represents an important point of start for opening a company in this domain.
Business persons who want to establish a financial company in Luxembourg or any other type of entity are suggested to contact our team of company formation representatives in Luxembourg for help in documents preparation and the related issues.

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