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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Luxembourg

Updated on Monday 11th July 2022

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Open Cryptocurrency Company in LuxembourgRegistering a cryptocurrency company in Luxembourg starts with choosing the preferred business structure, followed by the usual steps for formation. But to get a quick start on the virtual currency market, you can work with one of our company formation agents in Luxembourg. In this article you will find some information in this regard.

How can you set up a cryptocurrency company in Luxembourg?

Although there are specific rules for registering a cryptocurrency company in Luxembourg, there is still Company Law that must be followed. Therefore, you can choose the simplest and most popular business form in Luxembourg, and more precisely SARL, the limited liability company variant in this country. Here are some steps to open a cryptocurrency company in Luxembourg:
  • EUR 12,500 is the minimum share capital for SARL in Luxembourg. This must be deposited in a local bank account.
  • Articles of Association represent the founding documents of the company. If you want to open a cryptocurrency company in Luxembourg you need to consider this type of document.
  • You need a crypto exchange license in Luxembourg to be able to operate on the market. One of our local agents can handle the formalities in this regard.
  • Registration is done with the Luxembourg Trade Register, and the company can start its activities in about 3 weeks.
These are some of the most important formalities related to how to open a cryptocurrency company in Luxembourg. With the help of our local agents you will be able to start the activities in a relatively short time, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Who oversees the use of virtual currency in Luxembourg?

If you want to open a cryptocurrency company in Luxembourg it is good to know who regulates this type of operation. In Luxembourg, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) is the authority that supervises these financial activities, in order to prevent tax fraud and money laundering.
This institution also gave the green light to blockchain technology and the specific transactions related to virtual currency in Luxembourg. In addition, CSSF also issues the crypto exchange license in Luxembourg, in compliance with the regulations for electronic money. Therefore, those interested in setting up a cryptocurrency company in Luxembourg must make the documents and business plans available to the relevant authorities in order to successfully implement a virtual currency.

Are there any restrictions on the use of cross-border virtual currency?

No, the virtual currency can be used for transactions from Luxembourg to other states without restrictions. Therefore, there is no need to report crypto-asset payments, regardless of transaction value, according to Luxembourg Law. You can find out more about virtual currency transactions and how to open a cryptocurrency company in Luxembourg from our specialists.

Why make investments in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the most important financial centers in the world. Foreign investors enjoy a beneficial and preferential taxation system, as well as experienced labor. Here are some interesting statistics about the Luxembourg economy:
  • The total FDI for 2020 in Luxembourg has exceeded USD 627 billion.
  • Startup businesses in Luxembourg benefit from a 25% tax exemption for the first 8 years of activity.
  • More than 81% of foreign investment in Luxembourg has been absorbed by the financial and insurance sector in 2020.
Those who would like to open a cryptocurrency company in Luxembourg can contact our team of specialists. We can take care of the formalities related to starting a business in Luxembourg.

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