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Most Attractive Investment Fields in Luxembourg

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Most-attractive-investment-fields-in-LuxembourgAfter the United States, Luxembourg is the second leading investment center in the world, not to mention the first in Europe. The legislation favoring foreign investment has turned the funds industry into one of the most appealing sectors of the economy. Many foreign enterprisers come here in order to set up investment funds.

Our company formation agents in Luxembourg can offer more information about other attractive investment industries in the Grand Duchy.

The Luxembourg investment fund industry

With a legislation tailored to the needs of foreign investors, Luxembourg has transformed the investment funds sector into the most attractive industry in this country. Among the types of funds one can set up here are:

  • -          specialized investment funds;
  • -          hedge funds;
  • -          retail funds;
  • -          non-retail funds.

These types of funds cater for the needs of both specialized and regular investors.

The asset management industry in Luxembourg

With such developed investment funds field, Luxembourg has also turned its attention towards providing the best services to entrepreneurs which is why asset management has also become a very attractive investment industry in a short time. When adding the experienced and skilled workforce to the mix, Luxembourg has enabled the development of several sectors around the investment funds one.

The private banking sector in Luxembourg

Another appealing industry in Luxembourg is the private banking one. With a pro-business legislation, Luxembourg has provided important investment opportunities for those seeking to open a company in the banking industry, especially in the private one. Private banks in Luxembourg currently hold nearly 40% of the assets of investors in the world, according to the latest survey carried out by one of the most important magazines in the industry.

The wealth management industry in Luxembourg

Dedicated mostly to private rich individuals, the wealth management industry is currently one of the most attractive investment fields in Luxembourg. Starting 2013, the wealth management industry registered a steady growth with the rising number of clients directing their attention towards Luxembourg.

If you want to open a company in the investment funds industry or in the financial field, please feel free to contact our company registration representatives in Luxembourg for more information and assistance.

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