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(+352)278 617 15
Company Formation Luxembourg



Accounting Services in Luxembourg

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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accounting_services_in_luxembourg.jpgLuxembourg is a very attractive economic destination; therefore many investors have shown interest in doing business there. As accounting is a very important part of the business field, you need to be sure that all your financial documents are in order. As such, our company offers accounting services in Luxembourg so you can focus on the important aspects of the business.

Our accountants in Luxembourg will provide services tailored to your needs, especially focused on financial accounting, fiscal and human resources. They can offer assistance in:

- financial and management accounting,
- tax consultancy,
- payroll,
- personnel administration,
- consultancy and management accounting.

 Accounting services for foreign investors

Our accountants in Luxembourg will offer accounting, human resources and payroll services, as well as financial and tax consulting.

The services offered by our accountants include:

- chronological record of primary documents,
- preparation of journal register,
- preparation of inventory register,
- tax register,
- VAT journals
- preparing the monthly trial balance,
- preparing and depositing the annual financial statements.

In addition, our accountants can establish the monthly and quarterly payment obligations, prepare documents for payment and fill the taxes.

Audit services in Luxembourg

Among the services provided by our accounting firm in Luxembourg are restatements of annual accounts in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) applicable in Luxembourg. In order to fulfill these standards and obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements of your company are free of material misstatement, our accountants plan and perform the audit in Luxembourg. The audit services we provide in Luxembourg contain examining, on a test basis, of evidence supporting the disclosures in the financial statements.

Tax consultancy in Luxembourg

If you need tax consultancy, as well as full assistance in organizing the financial department, arranging the flow of documents, financial and accounting policies, then you can rest assure that our accountants in Luxembourg will provide the best services. Moreover, we can also prepare the cash flow, the revenue and expenses, as well as the required documentation for obtaining loans.

Payroll procedures? We can take care of them

Our accountants in Luxembourg offer payroll services and they will make sure that the preparation of payrolls as well as establishing liabilities in relation to wages are made accordingly. The preparation of salary statements, as well as tax files, will be made by our accountants according to regulations.

We provide assistance in human resources

Labor contracts, the addenda to individual labor contracts as well as the General Register of the employees can be handled by our human resources experts. Moreover, our accountants can draw the salary certificates, offer advice on payments and also prepare the notes for staff liquidation of the beneficiary.

Double taxation issues and loans are handled by our accountants

As the double taxation issue may be complicated, our accountants offer assistance and advice. When it comes to loans, our accountants will provide the specific information about the banking system, as well as about the rulings and regulations adopted by the bank institutions you are working with.

Contact us if you are interested in legal or accounting services in Bulgaria and other European countries, such as Italy and Turkey.



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BridgeWest takes great care of selecting its affiliates worldwide and Luxembourg is no exception.

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