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Accounting Services in Luxembourg

Updated on Thursday 20th April 2023

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accounting services in Luxembourg
Our accountants in Luxembourg can provide a wide range of services tailored to your needs, especially focused on financial accounting, fiscal and human resources. Labor contracts, the addenda to individual labor contracts as well as the General Register of the employees can be handled by our human resources experts. Moreover, our accountants can draw the salary certificates, offer advice on payments and also prepare the notes for staff liquidation of the beneficiary.
 Quick Facts  
Who requires accounting services in Luxembourg Local and foreign enterprises engaged in business activities in Luxembourg

 Applicable accounting legislation in Luxembourg

- IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards),

- IAS (International Accounting Standards)

Types of accounting services we offer 

- bookkeeping,

- payroll,

- tax registration and compliance,

- preparation of annual financial statements,

- audits,

- collaboration with tax authorities,

- tax minimization options

Tax advice and compliance  

- tax payment and refund,

- declaration of income,

- tax planning for corporations,

- tax return filing, etc. 

We offer support for tax registration  

- VAT registration for companies in Luxembourg,

- enrollment for social contributions and income tax

Financial planning for company owners in Luxembourg

We offer expertise for tax and investment strategies to achieve the desired financial goals, exploring funding options.

Risk assessment and evaluation  

Our accountants in Luxembourg can identify risk factors in the firm based on specific financial evaluations 

 Types of audit services

- external and internal audits,

- operational audits,

- compliance audits, etc.

 Tax minimization methods available

 - specific retirement plans,

- donations,

- credit payment plans

 Personalized financial consultancy services

- wealth management,

- strategies for better investments,

- dedicated financial services to business owners in Luxembourg

Investment consultancy for high-net-worth individuals 

With the help of our expert accountants, clients can benefit from personalized financial advice and investment strategies.

 Financial and analysis reports for companies

Tax reports can reveal the financial situation of a firm. Our accountant in Luxembourg can propose targeted solutions for the concerned departments.

Human resources services available  

- recruiting personnel,

- drafting employment contracts,

- medical and maternity leave,

- complete staff administration for companies

Expertise provided by certified accountants (YES/NO) 


Fiscal year in Luxembourg The calendar year (1st of January - 31st of December)


Accounting services provided by our specialists

  • •  financial and management accounting,
  • •  tax consultancy,
  • •  payroll,
  • •  personnel administration,
  • •  consultancy and management accounting.

 Accounting services for foreign investors

Our accountants in Luxembourg will offer accounting, human resources and payroll services, as well as financial and tax consulting. The services offered by our accountants include:
  1.  chronological record of primary documents,
  2.  preparation of journal register,
  3.  preparation of inventory register,
  4.  tax register,
  5.  VAT journals,
  6.  preparing the monthly trial balance,
  7.  preparing and depositing the annual financial statements.
In addition, our accountants can establish the monthly and quarterly payment obligations, prepare documents for payment and fill the taxes. If you need accounting services in Croatia or other countries, we can put you in touch with our local partners. 

Audit services in Luxembourg

Among the services provided by our accounting firms in Luxembourg are restatements of annual accounts in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) applicable in Luxembourg. In order to fulfill these standards and obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements of your company are free of material misstatement, our accountants plan and perform the audit in Luxembourg. The audit services we provide in Luxembourg contain examining, on a test basis, of evidence supporting the disclosures in the financial statements.

Tax consultancy in Luxembourg

If you need tax consultancy, as well as full assistance in organizing the financial department, arranging the flow of documents, financial and accounting policies, then you can rest assured that our accountants in Luxembourg will provide the best services. Moreover, we can also prepare the cash flow, the revenue and expenses, as well as the required documentation for obtaining loans.

Payroll procedures? We can take care of them

Our accountants in Luxembourg offer payroll services and they will make sure that the preparation of payrolls as well as establishing liabilities in relation to wages are made accordingly. The preparation of salary statements, as well as tax files, will be made by our accountants according to regulations. 
It is important to note that payroll is crucial in a company registered in Luxembourg. Calculating the payroll taxes, distributing the electronic payroll records, delivering the salaries to employees in a firm are among the main duties part of payroll services offered by our team of accountants in Luxembourg. Externalizing the payroll services is quite recommended because a team of experts can properly take care of such tasks in a professional manner. The size of the company, the number of employees will stand at the base of calculating the costs for payroll services provided by our team of accountants in Luxembourg. If you decide on opening a company in Luxembourg you can solicit the support of our specialists. Also, instead of creating a whole accounting department, subject to specific costs, you should ask for externalized services and see the main benefits. Feel free to address your inquiries to our team and find out all the details.

Double taxation matters handled by our accountants

As the double taxation issue may be complicated, our accountants offer assistance and advice. When it comes to loans, our accountants will provide the specific information about the banking system, as well as about the rulings and regulations adopted by the bank institutions you are working with.

Bookkeeping in Luxembourg

Bookkeeping is another important task part of the general accounting rules and regulations and implicates a wide range of aspects. Supervising the payable and receivable accounts in a company, cash management, issuance of invoices, management of banking operations, petty cash books, journals and ledgers, a series of income statements represent a few of the duties part of bookkeeping. Our accounting firms in Luxembourg can handle the entire bookkeeping of a company, so you can solicit additional information if you would like to know more about this important aspect.

Personnel accounting in Luxembourg

Another important aspect that enters the attention of our accounting specialists in Luxembourg refers to the staff of a company. A series of human resources tasks can be handled by our experts and refer to work contracts, payrolls, monitoring the working or leave days of employees in the firm. Personnel accounting involves other duties too, but for a clear picture in this direction, we invite you to discuss with our accountants in Luxembourg.

The content of accounting reports in Luxembourg

The accounting reports in Luxembourg are created in respect of the International Accounting Standards Board, the Accounting Regulatory Committee under the European Commission, and the Luxembourg Accounting Norms Commission. In large lines, an accounting report must respect the principles of continuity, clarity, fidelity, and regularity. The profit and loss account, the balance sheet, and the appendix are part of an accounting report of a company in Luxembourg. We mention that December 31st is the closing date of an accounting year, and extremely crucial for a firm with economic activities in Luxembourg. More details about the accounting report and about the attributes of this important document can be solicited from our specialists. Our accounting firms in Luxembourg provide a wide range of services to companies established in the Grand Duchy.  

Choosing our accounting specialists in Luxembourg

A company in Luxembourg must respect a series of accounting and financial rules that only an expert in the field can explain. Company owners should consider the services of an accounting firm in Luxembourg and solicit complete information about the general rules that apply to businesses in this country. The financial aspects in a firm are extremely important and must be registered in accordance with the appliable local and international laws. Our team of accountants in Luxembourg has broad experience in this field and can guide company owners throughout a smooth process that implicates all the financial aspects of a firm. We successfully collaborate with many companies in matters of accounting and clients can rely on proficiency, professionalism, transparency, and confidence right from the start. In matters of economy, the following facts and figures highlight the business direction of Luxembourg:
  1. Nearly USD 128 billion represented the total FDI stock for Luxembourg in 2019.
  2. According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Luxembourg ranks 72nd out of 190 economies in the world.
  3. Luxembourg ranked 18th on the Global Competitiveness Index in 2019, according to the World Economic Forum.
  4. Most of the foreign investments in Luxembourg come from the EU countries.
  5. Bermuda represents the main investor in Luxembourg, followed by Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands.
A good accounting firm in Luxembourg can take care of all the financial aspects and more. All you need to know about the accounting services we can provide can be discussed with our specialists in the field.
Contact us if you are interested in legal or accounting services in Luxembourg and other European countries, such as Italy and Turkey. If you want to open a SLP in Luxembourg, our company formation specialists can help you.


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