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(+352)278 617 15
Company Formation Luxembourg



Company Register Luxembourg

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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    The Trade and Companies Register in Luxembourg (Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés (RCS)) is the official database of all the Luxembourg companies and individuals engaged in trade activities. 
    The role of the Trade and Companies Register is to keep a permanent and updated database, provide information to third parties and allow for safer business transactions by making essential information available to traders. All companies incorporated in Luxembourg must be registered with the Trade Register. Our company registration agents in Luxembourg can help you register your company and observe all the legal requirements.
    Our agents invite you to watch a short video about company registration in Luxembourg:


Company registration with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register 

Any newly incorporated company in Luxembourg must register with the Trade and Companies Register. This is done by submitting the Articles of Association to the register. This is essential for any legal entity and any subsequent amendments or changes to the Articles of Association must also be published in the register. 
When the company founders register the company deeds without the help of a notary, they must deposit the deeds to the register for publication within one month of the signature date. If the company is incorporated with the help of a Luxembourg notary, then the notary is the one who submits the documents. 
Various fees apply for registration or publication. The fees of the RCS are available online (in French).

Access to information within the Trade Register

Certain information about registered companies in Luxembourg can be accessed online, free of charge. Basic information disclosed about legal entities include:
- the name and legal form;
- registered address;
- Trade Register number and date of registration with the register.
Individuals can pay additional fees to find out more about the company such as financial reports, information about shareholders or company directors and other publicly available data about that particular company. In order to search for an existing company the individual must know its name or the registration number. 
If you want to know more about doing business in Luxembourg and requirements for registered companies you can contact our company registration agents.
Foreign investors who want to open a company in other countries, such as UAE, China, Poland, Italy or Hungary, can request detailed information and assistance from our representatives.



  • Alexandrou 2015-01-30


    Hello, you can send us your request at office@bridgewest.eu and one of our specialists in company formation will answer you as soon as possible.

  • John 2015-03-09

    I'd like to register my business in Luxembourg. Feel free to email or call me. +447900996800

  • Mohammad 2015-05-12

    Dear Sir I am From Syria Living in Algeria My Business in Algeria ( I have my Own company ) My Experience in Business ( Import And Export ) More than 20 Years I would like to setup Business in Luxembourg ( I would like to import goods : Furniture & Garments ) Then export I have good relations in this business if i can please let me how to start if cant : Thank you very much and sorry if i disturbing you Waiting your reply Best Regards Mohammad SARL AHCENE SOUK COMPANY TEL : + FAX: + Setif City ALGERIA

  • Sandor 2015-05-26

    hi i wish to open a basic company in luxemborg. IT consultation. what are the costs involved?

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