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Initial Coin Offering in Luxembourg

Updated on Tuesday 09th January 2018

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Initial-Coin-Offering-in-Luxembourg.jpgLuxembourg is a well-known financial center on an international plan which sustains the development of the cryptocurrency. Supporting the innovation and placing investments can start with the use of initial coin offerings or ICOs as they are known which can represent the base of varied startups in Luxembourg. The legislation that oversees the ICOs in Luxembourg is the same as for foreign investments in this country, but in order to issue such currency, it is suggested to set up a company first. In related aspects, you may address your requests to our company formation agents in Luxembourg.

ICOs as fundraising tools in Luxembourg

The initial coin offerings are considered investment tools which can be used in any area of interest, but with complete concentration on startups. ICOs are also seen as an alternative to bank loans or other capital funds which are usually received under certain ruled and in a particular amount of time. With a fast development worldwide, ICOs have been measured as the suitable crowdfunding method which is facilitated through cryptocurrency and the related technology. The investment funds in Luxembourg can be transferred with the help of ICOs in a wide range of sectors where innovation plays the main role. The legislation connected to the foreign investments is also suitable for ICOs in Luxembourg.
Businesses in Luxembourg can expand their assets by selling cryptocurrency, in our case, ICOs. Before issuing initial coin offerings, an entrepreneur must register a company in Luxembourg, and the suggested entity in this matter can be the limited liability company. The conditions and complete guidance in company registration in Luxembourg can be observed and provided by our team of specialists in company incorporation in Luxembourg.

Establishing ICOs in Luxembourg

As mentioned above, ICOs in the Grand Duchy can be issued only if a business is initially registered with the authorities in charge. A recommended sector for which the company conditions are simple and there is no need for a financial license is the IT domain. Issuing initial coin offerings in Luxembourg may start with a project presentation, information about the maximum virtual currency which can be used, the validity of such currency and the actual fundraising in cryptocurrency.
The company registration in Luxembourg and the terms related are subjects which can be entirely explained by our team of company formation representatives in Luxembourg, so please contact us.

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