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Listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Listing-on-the-Luxembourg-Stock-Exchange.jpgThe Luxembourg Stock Exchange specializes in the listing of international bonds and it has two main lines of operation: the listing of securities and market for the trading of securities. It is the largest stock exchange in Europe in terms of international bond listing and it is also a leading exchange for other types of international issues, like global depository receipts.
Companies that want to be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) must observe the listing requirements and must pay certain listing fees. Our Luxembourg company formation agents can help you list your company and meet the requirements for listing and admission to trading.

How to list a company on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Each company that wants to list on the LuxSE must prepare for the admission to the trading process. The decision to list a company on the stock exchange is an important one and it will change the way the company is managed and the requirements for its financial disclosure.
Some of the requirements that companies need to fulfill are: 
- an appropriate financial track record;
- an experienced board of directors;
- high quality corporate governance standards;
- a suitable capital.
The Luxembourg Stock Exchange has two markets: the “Bourse de Luxembourg” and the “Euro MTF”, a multilateral trading facility. Our company formation agents in Luxembourg can help you choose the appropriate regulated market to list on, prepare the documentation, apply for listing and understand the obligations your company will have to undertake after the listing is complete.

Listing requirements

The Rules and Regulations of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange set forth the listing requirements for companies and they are in accordance with the Law related to Markets in Financial Instruments and the provisions of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).
The general rules and conditions for admission to a regulated market include the free negotiability condition for securities being traded - the securities for which an application for admission to trading has been made must be capable of being traded in a fair, orderly and efficient manner and to be negotiated freely. The application for admission to trading in securities on one of the securities markets is also an application for admission to the official list. 
The fees imposed by the LuxSE are visa, admission and maintenance feed. The CSSF also imposes fees.
For more information about listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, you can contact our company registration team in Luxembourg.

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