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Why is Luxembourg in Top 3 Financial Hubs in Europe?

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The March edition of the Global Financial Centers Index ranked Luxembourg on top 3 favorable financial destinations in Europe, on the second position at a global level, right after the United States of America. Known as a large investment center, Luxembourg continues to offer a multitude of possibilities for foreigners willing to expand their operations and develop new sources of profit. If you would like to benefit from the advantageous investment field of Luxembourg and set up companies in this sense, we invite you to talk to our team of company formation agents in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg, a solid financial center

Even though at the moment Luxembourg represents a stable, solid and reputable financial hub at an international level, business experts from around the world consider that further developments will take place in the years to come. Numerous institutions from overseas have successfully implemented their investments in Luxembourg, taking advantage of the reliable financial environment and low risks related. It is good to know there are more than 140 financial institutions, mostly banks, from about 30 countries which have their operations in Luxembourg’s excellent business field. The solid position of Luxembourg among significant business hubs has been registered for many years, but the government continues to sustain the investments and the financial activities with effective and satisfactory encouragements, in order to remain a leading market.
The company formation process in Luxembourg is not only subject to permissive rules and regulations, but it offers the fast possibility of starting the business in any chosen sector. We remind that in this direction you can ask for comprehensive assistance and information from our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg.

The future stands in the digital financial services

As a respected business and financial center, Luxembourg makes no compromises when it comes to top technology and the areas in which financial tools can ease the way of doing business. Therefore, Luxembourg is very much appreciated for the role of sustaining the financial environment with the help of digital financial services which will also benefit from a series of improvements. The insurance sector in Luxembourg met an important expansion in recent years with the help of ten new international insurers with establishments in this country.
If you would like to make investments and to set up companies in Luxembourg, we invite you to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Luxembourg.

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