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The Five-Year Plan for Developing the Tourism Sector in Luxembourg

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Even though Luxembourg does not have sea exits, the small European country has attractive landscapes and influences offered by neighbors like Germany, France, or Belgium. A low inflation, an attractiveness for innovation and the stable economy make Luxembourg a solid candidate in the tourism sector, as the authorities are planning big projects until 2022. Foreign investors are attracted by the favorable tax structure of Luxembourg and by the business opportunities in this state. If you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants to open a company in Luxembourg, it is best to talk to one of our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg for complete support.

A strategic plan for tourism development in Luxembourg

Earlier this month, the authorities in Luxembourg and particularly the Ministry of Economy presented the five-year plan which observes the tourism sector. In this direction, the government is willing to explore the possibilities of this country and to create awareness in the tourism field, through varied related branches. This involves eight important elements among which the most important ones are linked to the promising legal framework in the tourism field, concentrating on the human capital and endorsing the excellent infrastructure of Luxembourg
We remind foreign investors that the company registration procedure in Luxembourg is less bureaucratic and offers them the possibility of activating in a fast manner on the market.

Granting success from the beginning

The five-year plan for developing the tourism sector in Luxembourg starts this year and if all projects are successfully implemented by the end of 2022, then the authorities may proceed with additional expansions. About EUR 60 million are ready to sustain the tourism sector in Luxembourg in the next five years, focusing mainly on infrastructure innovation, and the attractive touristic packages for visitors worldwide. 
The Ministry of Economy in Luxembourg is confident that the tourism field will not only flourish but will also represent a great alternative for a wide range of tourists in search of rich culture with Germanic and French roots among many others. We remind that Luxembourg is one of the three official capitals of the EU (European Union) and it is home to the highest judicial authority in the same union.
If you are interested in opening a business in the tourism sector in Luxembourg, you may contact our company formation representatives in Luxembourg for complete support.

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