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Main Sources of Income Deriving From Financial Activities in Luxembourg

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Main-Sources-of-Income-Deriving-From-Financial-Activities-in-Luxembourg.pngFinancial companies can develop successful businesses in Luxembourg, as this activity represents one of the top sources of income for this country. Foreign businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Luxembourg in the financial sector should know that 59% of the country’s financial center turnover derives from the activities carried out by foreign businessmen residing in the European Union (EU). Our team of company formation agents in Luxembourg can provide in-depth assistance on the regulations addressed to foreign businessmen. 

Types of  business activities in Luxembourg 

When starting the procedure of company registration in Luxembourg, the investors are advised to study the main characteristics of the market. The top earnings of the country are deriving from the activities carried out by financial corporations and they represent 44.1% of the total income. The rest of the earnings derives from the activities of the following entities: 
non-financial corporations (31.9%);
households (24%). 
Foreign businessmen who want to conduct a commercial activity should also take into consideration that the non-financial activities are represented by the following fields: 
services (19.7%);
manufacturing (7.8%);
construction (1.2%);
agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing (0.9%);
utilities (0.9%);
mining and quarrying (0.4%). 
Depending on the field of activity, the company registered in Luxembourg will require special business licenses, issued by the relevant authorities. Our team of company formation representatives in Luxembourg can offer in-depth assistance on the procedure, as well as on the fees that are to be paid by the applicants. 

Investments in Luxembourg  

Luxembourg stands out as one of the leading financial centres, numerous foreign investors preferring this destination for setting up an investment fund
Businessmen interested in the procedure of company formation in Luxembourg, such as an investment fund, will need to comply with different regulations than those applicable to commercial businesses
At the level of 2014, the main sources of income for the local domicilied investment funds derived from European investors (74%).
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of company registration consultants in Luxembourg for more information on other related aspects, such as the tax regulations applicable for the above mentioned activities. 

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