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Luxembourg and Italy to Sustain Digitalisation in the Financial Services Sector

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Integrating the digital technology in the main industries but particularly in the financial sector represents the main concern in the business area on an international plan. Known as a world-leading financial center, Luxembourg has strengthened the collaboration with Italy, an important business associate since the 19th century. With a favorable tax regime related to the investment sector, Luxembourg offers numerous possibilities for business persons worldwide, including for those interested in sustaining digitalization in the financial domain. You may talk to our company formation specialists in Luxembourg if you want to open a company in Luxembourg.

Facing IT challenges

In a continuous search of solutions for life improvement, the IT sector seems to be one step ahead, especially in significant business hubs like Luxembourg. Being an important market for Luxembourg in areas like corporate banking, insurance, and investments, Italy is ready to face the challenges in the financial sector by sustaining the digitalization through varied online platforms related to green bonds owned by Italian emitters which represent the first step in placing social bonds on the market.
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Market trends in the banking sector

The financial community in Italy has recently made an exchange of ideas in sectors like wealth management, investment funds and insurance with the representatives of Luxembourg with activities or operations in the financial domain. The market tendencies in the financial sector for the years to come regards the development of online banking platforms, and that because there are 10 banks of Italy with operations in Luxembourg. Foreign investors willing to enlarge their portfolio in Luxembourg’s stable industries, including in the appreciated financial sector, have the possibility of opening businesses in the Grand Duchy and can benefit from an easy incorporation process
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