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Company Formation Luxembourg



Luxembourg and China to Strengthen the Economic Ties

Written by: Editor

Luxembourg and China to Strengthen the Economic Ties.jpgLuxembourg is a respected and appreciated financial business hub which presents a major interest for Chinese investors. The recent meetings between Luxembourg and China representatives aimed the investment opportunities and the financial services which can be implemented in alignment with the latest developments. Regarding the ways in which you can register a company in Luxembourg, we suggest you to solicit comprehensive information and assistance from our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg.

Important conventions between Luxembourg and China

The investment field between China and Luxembourg will meet new expansions, as both countries are interested in a solid exchange and collaboration in the banking sector. The focus is directed to the fintech sector and the possibilities of implementing new strategies and services in the financial area of both countries. There have been varied conventions signed in this matter, which regard the encouragement of the fintech investments.
Even though China is set to strengthen the cooperation with many European countries, the main target regarded Luxembourg, not only in the banking sector but also in the area of green finance where there have been some agreements signed. For instance, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSe) and Shanghai Stock Exchanges have decided to open the first “Bond Green Channel” which will allow SSE listed green bonds to be properly presented on LuxSe and will suitably connect issuers and foreign investors who will receive complete data regarding their profits.
Luxembourg is open to foreign investments and it is an open market with lots of opportunities and a permissible legislation. We remind that the company registration in Luxembourg is not a time-consuming process, therefore, if you are interested in doing business in the country, our company formation agents in Luxembourg can help.

Luxembourg also tied the relations with South Korea

Besides China, the representatives of Luxembourg placed South Korea on the list of countries to consider for further exchanges and investments. On the board of discussions, the main negotiations also regarded the financial services, where Luxembourg expressed the idea of offering complete support to make South Korea and especially Seoul, the capital, a leading financial hub in Asia.
Foreign investors interested in setting up companies in Luxembourg are invited to contact our team of company formation advisors in Luxembourg for information and support.



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