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How to Create an Innovative Company in Luxembourg

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Innovation is part of the daily life and it is implemented in a wide range of fields in numerous countries worldwide. Luxembourg aligns with the standards and the technologies nowadays and furthermore, the government of this country encourages the innovative companies through all kinds of incentives, offering to foreign investors the possibility of opening companies in the services sectors in the country. If you would like to set up a company in Luxembourg and develop the operations in an appreciated business field, we suggest you talk to our company formation representatives in Luxembourg

Innovative start-ups in Luxembourg

As a well-developed country, Luxembourg is home to many companies which activate in the research and development field (R&D). Many of them are sustained by the government in Luxembourg through all kinds of investments and institutions which offer resources in this sense. The main scope is to provide innovative technology in the services sectors in Luxembourg and to focus on life quality standards. Entrepreneurs who want to establish an innovative company in Luxembourg can benefit from the support offered through direct investments or by national banks involved in such projects. In this direction, the young entrepreneurs are sustained in a high percentage in order to deliver their innovation start-ups and the proper facilities ready to be implemented on the market.
Start-ups in Luxembourg can be established as sole proprietorships or partnerships at the beginning and then can turn into limited liability companies in Luxembourg. If you would like to know detailed information about the company formation in Luxembourg, you may address your inquiries to our specialists in company incorporation in Luxembourg.

Complete support for young innovative enterprises in Luxembourg

Being aware of the fact that technology is in a continuous development and stand at the base of all industries in Luxembourg, many investment and financial institutions consider that sustaining innovative companies is the main focus. The services sectors in Luxembourg are main beneficiaries of innovations. As it is known, Luxembourg is open to foreign investments in many industries, so foreigners who want to benefit from a stable and respected business field can set up all kinds of companies in Luxembourg
We invite you to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Luxembourg for in-depth information about the registration process of an enterprise.

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