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How Government in Luxembourg will Sustain R&D

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Innovation is for many years part of the daily life because technology continues to develop in a fast manner in many sectors. Businesses in Luxembourg must align with the requirements on the market and can flourish with a proper implementation of innovation in all fields. In this sense, the government in Luxembourg presented a new law (the Law of 17th May 2017 for the Promotion of Research) which aims at the proper implementation of innovation in business. Foreign investors who want to register a company in Luxembourg can benefit from the complete company formation services offered by our team of specialists in Luxembourg.

Research and development for a flourishing business

The new legislation which encourages companies in research and development projects involves a budget of EUR 200 million by the end of 2020. In this sense, the efforts are directed to small and medium enterprises in Luxembourg but also to large companies with establishments in this country and involve, among others, the logistical field. Research and development have as a final result the innovation which must properly sustain the operations of such companies on the market, and to help them develop in a smart manner for positive results. Having a great infrastructure and transportation will lead to a great reputation and awareness among in a competitive business environment.
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Innovation can be the key to success in Luxembourg

There are numerous companies or organizations in Luxembourg which aim at the economic development through innovation. This is directly linked to the methods in which foreign direct investments are attracted in the country. Moreover, innovation can sustain the business in Luxembourg on an international level, but first of all, it has to strongly develop in the country, in order to promote the result abroad. The import and export sector in Luxembourg is seen as a starting point for placing innovation, as it is the important field which sustains the overall economy of the country.
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