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Luxembourg City in Top of Most Attractive Metropolises for Real Estate in Europe


Luxembourg city, the capital of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, proudly aligns with other European capitals and cities considered the most attractive for real estate. Madrid, Frankfurt, Dublin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and München completes the top ten of cities with fast developments in the real estate sector, due to many investments attracted among many other reasons. If you are a businessman who wants to register a company in Luxembourg, you may address your request in this matter to our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg who are at your disposal with information and assistance.

Luxembourg and China to Strengthen the Economic Ties


Luxembourg is a respected and appreciated financial business hub which presents a major interest for Chinese investors. The recent meetings between Luxembourg and China representatives aimed the investment opportunities and the financial services which can be implemented in alignment with the latest developments. Regarding the ways in which you can register a company in Luxembourg, we suggest you to solicit comprehensive information and assistance from our specialists in company formation in Luxembourg.

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