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Tax friendliness in Luxembourg: making the most out of it and keeping it legal

Luxembourg is one of the Europe’s top financial centers and one that is likely to grow in importance. The characteristics that put Luxembourg in this place are its multilingualism and a friendly and perhaps forgiving approach to taxation, for individuals and companies. Important foreign banks have opened branches in Luxembourg and the small country is an important wealth management hub. With all this being said, foreign investors in Luxembourg should not try to benefit from tax friendliness without playing by the rules. Tax compliance and tax management are both important issues in Luxembourg.

Circular economy in Luxembourg - a pattern for success?


Circular economy is a type of industrial economy that mimics natural ecosystems: materials are cycled infinitely, energy is derived from natural resources and the ecosystem is being looked after. This concept could have tremendous benefits for the countries that would adhere to it and Luxembourg officials seem to believe that the Grand Duchy is an ideal place to try the circular economy pattern. In time, it could enhance competitiveness, increase employment and reduce the environmental impact. Certain business fields could even benefit from an increase in investments.

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