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Stable prices due to the drop of inflation


Prices in Luxembourg have remained stable during the last months. The most notable change was the reduction of oil prices for the second month in a row. This is thought to have caused the value of the inflation in November which was set at 0.1 percent. Most of the other products in Luxembourg maintained stable prices and no significant impact was seen in the business sector.

Changes for the double tax treaty signed by UAE and Luxembourg

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Luxembourg recently signed an amendment to the double tax treaty concluded in November 2005. The reason for this amendment was to include more legal entities that can benefit from the provisions of the agreement, such as banks, public sector entities and funds. Other provisions of the double tax treaty remain unchanged, like the withholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties.

Luxembourg: an entrepreneur’s destination


According to a survey performed by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Luxembourg is one of the countries in Europe with a high number of entrepreneurs. The small country is ahead of other European countries like Belgium, Germany and other neighboring countries. The survey found that many more individuals are thinking of opening a business in Luxembourg and this could mean that the country will see a boom of new companies and entrepreneurs in the coming years.

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