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Luxembourg: the newest technological hub


Luxembourg is preparing a new digital strategy for boosting the information and communications technology sector (ICT). The government has initiated a campaign that aims to promote Luxembourg as a destination for digital businesses abroad. The Grand Dutchy is already an important business destination for many foreign investors, mainly because of its attractive taxation system. The "Digital Lëtzebuerg" is a social project that will unite a group of experts from the public and private sectors around specific themes. Thanks to the new initiative, activities like environmental technology, biotechnology, logistics and financial services will become even more attractive for entrepreneurs. 

Construction companies, more numerous than financial firms


Luxembourg offers many investment opportunities to foreign entrepreneurs. However, profitable doesn't necessarily mean numerous. Smaller companies seem to do just as well as larger firms who account for much of the capital produced in Luxembourg. The largest proportion of companies in Luxembourg can be found not in the finance and insurance sector, but in the construction and repair sectors.

Luxembourg, on the sixth position in the EU top of competitiveness


Luxembourg is the sixth most competitive country in the European Union, a new analysis shows. The small country is in the top 10 out of the 28 states of the European Union. The analysis is based on a number of key indicators which address important issues and reveal the country’s attractiveness in terms of foreign investments.

Luxembourg’s budget: 250 measures aiming at improving the financial situation


October brought a new budget for Luxembourg and the announcement was followed by a presentation aiming to introduce a package of 250 measures that will improve Luxembourg’s financial situation and will make the country even more attractive for foreign investors. The measure will not affect the businesses of corporate taxpayers.

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