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Real estate expected to grow in Luxembourg


A recent study regarding the emerging trends in real estate for the year 2014 indicates that the real estate market in Luxembourg will show signs of growth and foreign investors are beginning to turn their attention once more to various properties, secondary properties or properties located in regional cities.

Highest rise in employment in the information and communications sector

Luxembourg has recently seen an increase in the number of employed individuals with most of the business sectors recording increases in the number of new employments. Foreign and national individuals have managed to secure a workplace and although certain sectors seem more advantageous, the overall employment rate has satisfactory values.

Positive changes for small and medium sized companies


Next year will bring new changes for small and medium sized companies in Luxembourg. The changes were proposed by entrepreneurs and representatives of the small and medium sized enterprises in Luxembourg and the modifications include various issues, such as promotion, communication strategies and legislative changes.

Possible VAT increase for construction in Luxembourg


Luxembourg’s new budget plans may bring important changes and increases. The main possible changes are an increased VAT rate and additional contributions for tax payers regarding education programmes. While Luxembourg’s Finance Minister has not made any official announcements, these measures are likely to cause certain changes for investors in Luxembourg.

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