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Fitch: Luxembourg's rating at "AAA", with a stable outlook


On July 2014, one of the major rating agencies, Fitch, affirmed that Luxembourg has a stable outlook and rated the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with ”AAA”. This is the highest possible rating assigned to bonds of an issuer and it reflects a high credit quality, creditworthiness and easiness to meet the necessary financial commitments.

Luxembourg is the second greenest country in the world


Luxembourg was ranked second in the 2014 Environmental Performance Index. The overall rank marks the Grand Duchy in second place out of 178 countries and this state has an overall score of 83.29% out of 100. First place was occupied by Switzerland.

Luxembourg is opening up to the Islamic market


Luxembourg's Parliament has agreed to allow the Government to issue its first Islamic bond. This would make Luxembourg the second European country after Great Britain to do so.

A greater cooperation between Luxembourg and Singapore


At a seminar held in Singapore in July 2014, the participants recognized similarities between Luxembourg and Singapore and they launched the idea of a greater strategic cooperation between the two countries in the field of international finance.

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