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Luxembourg, a EU Onshore Financial Hub for Singaporean Companies

Written by: Bridgewest

NameLuxembourg and Singapore already have a dynamic and long-standing connection. During the last years, Singapore has become a flourishing financial centre of international status, helping not only its domestic economy, but also the extensive Asia Pacific area.

The significant partnership between Luxembourg and Singapore

Luxembourg, an important associate to Singaporean monetary intermediaries, is located at the intersection of international capital markets and it delivers issuers who want to tap a European and global investor base a complete environment, ranging from listing to post-trading services. 
With a solid record in innovation, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange offers issuers entrance to new asset classes and a window to worldwide financiers, while offering to investors the maximum level of openness and incomparable access to data on registered safeties and resources.

Luxembourg, the proper platform for funds distribution through Asia

Singaporean asset executives find in Luxembourg the perfect platform to set up and distribute funds through Asia and beyond. Singapore is also one of the top markets for Luxembourg-domiciled asset funds
Two thirds of more than 2700 external funds operating in the City-State find their basis in the Grand Duchy. The latest trends in global fund distribution include numerous local passporting actions in Asia and offer visions into current improvements in the alternative investment fund space and remarkable chances under the AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive).
Regarding alternative investments nowadays, there is a solid curiosity from local contributors to the future Luxembourg Reserved Investment Alternative Fund (RAIF), which will enhance a different flexible instrument with tough time to market to the Luxembourg toolbox.
For any other information about investing or opening a business in Luxembourg, please feel free to contact our company formation team in Luxembourg.

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